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New innovations in automotive technology in 2014

These days there is an increasing number of people purchasing vehicles. Despite their high prices and cost demands, such as maintenance fee, insurance rates and the ever escalating fuel prices, still they mean everything to them. Since their invention hundreds of years ago, they have since undergone tremendous technological innovations, that makes them comfortable, prettier, efficient and much safe to both the motorist and the pedestrian as well.

During your theory driving class you may not have been taught about some of these technologies. However it’s good to have an extensive knowledge about these innovations and more from other sources like NEIT automotive degree, before you show up in your driving practical test. They will come in handy when you finally purchase your own vehicle. The degree of technological innovation in a car, determines its cost, quality, reliability and safety. Some of 2014’s automotive innovations are as follows.

a) Lane Departure Warning (LDW)

One of the best innovations of today is the Lane Departure Warning feature. It was invented with the main aim of addressing sleepiness when you are behind the wheels. Although some research shows that it is not as efficient as possible, it has its own slice of the pie when it comes to warning the motorists of drowsiness while driving. Its main function is to warn them when they cross lanes without indicating.

b) Intelligent Braking

Another common invention in 2014 is the intelligent braking system. Also referred to as lazy brakes the feature keeps the brakes pressed in automatically especially when you are on traffic or waiting for the traffic lights to turn green before you cross. It can also be used when you are waiting for a large locomotive such as a train to cross.

c) Pedestrian Detection

This is another technology that since its inception, it seems to spread very fast. A lot of car makes such as Volvo now have it. It detects pedestrians, cyclists and obstacles hence avoiding collusion with them. It comes in handy especially if you are driving in a busy town or street where pedestrians and cyclist are likely to be found. If you are not careful enough while driving, this feature might help you not to knock down people or obstacles.

d) Traffic Signs Recognition

This invention is now taking over most parts of Europe. It involves some front, hidden car cameras that detects every road sign. They then merge the information from the navigation system, thereby limiting the car’s speed if need be.

e) Semi Autonomous Driving

Just like the lane departure warning, semi autonomous driving also detects the lane in low speeds and helps bring back the vehicle to lane whenever they drive out. It comes in handy especially if you are in traffic, and you can count on it even when you are driving in a meandering road. Unlike the LDW that only warns the driver when crossing lanes without signalling, this feature not only brings the vehicle back, but also stops it if need be. These days, several car manufacturers have started to adopt this innovation.


Technology plays a key role in every aspect of our life and fulfilling our needs. Automotive industry which is an ever growing field with new up gradations by which it increasing value to our things. In such way, innovations in automotive field improvised our living way with new cars ,trendy features, sophisticated drive, auto control, easy recovery from theft, cameras and so on… we cannot say it in one line that much it emphasized our life.

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