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Simple SEO Image Optimization Tips

Whenever making on-site SEO modifications we need to consider images. At the same time, images can rank on Google Image Search without a direct link to the site, thus bringing in extra site traffic. We need to know the fact that websites have to quickly load, usually in under two seconds. How fast a site loads is always impacted by the images that are used.

If you want to optimize your SEO images, many things can be done. However, the following ones are much simpler than others and you can take them into account right now. If you visit site pages that rank really high in search engines, you instantly notice that images load fast and perfectly fit. Improving your site’s performance is mandatory. Make sure you consider the following at all times.

Carefully Choose Used Images

Internet users always first react to seen images before reading text. This is why you want to be sure that you carefully choose an image that will capture attention while also inspiring readers. People tend to react to the emotional stimuli seen on a page. Using a really appealing image that does connect with the topic will leave a really good impression.

Take the time that is needed to create a high-quality photograph that is associated with the content. This is usually better than the royalty free image.

Use High-Quality Formats

All search engines prefer content of a very high quality and images at a high resolution. The websites that include images with poor resolution and an incorrect format are distorted on tablets or mobile screens. JPEG formats are normally the best. Use .GIF just for decorative images and thumbnails. PNG files are also really good in the event that they are properly optimized for web use.

Properly Name Images

One of the first things that the SEO specialist does when optimizing images is changing file names. The search engines are crawling everything present on the web page. You want to assist them. Having really good image descriptions are going to help raise site profile while enriching content relevance. Basically, search engines get to understand what the images are all about so proper ranking can be done.

Carefully Use Alternative Attributes

The alternative attributes are really important. They add a lot of SEO value to any web page. You want to be sure that you include proper, relevant keywords for all images used on a website. Such an approach is particularly important for e-commerce products that need to show up on the internet.

Describe your images with the use of plain language. Also, if it is relevant, add serial and model numbers to alternative attributes.

Don’t Forget About Image Caption

Read captions should be used under images. This is actually 300% more important than body copy. Do not leave the captions blank or you will be missing out on a wonderful SEO optimization opportunity. You want to be sure that you guarantee both page relevance and image relevance. Use a proper description for every single image, with a good capture and you will surely see an increase in rankings.

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