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Why Do Most American Companies Outsource Their IT Services?

As your company grows, so does its responsibilities and capabilities. However, your time to manage these responsibilities shrinks in a comparable fashion to the speed of your company’s growth, and you are left with few options. You can scramble to manage everything in-house, but the quality of your work and your level of customer service will most likely suffer. A second option would be to never sleep and suffer through a terrible work/life balance. The third option is to outsource. There is a better way to balance the demands of quality and value.

Play to Your Strengths

Regardless of what industry your company is in, if your main line of business isn’t information technology, the prospect of you being able to plan, manage and service your company’s and your customer’s IT demands in a rapid period of growth is unlikely.  An Accenture survey of 500 managers in 2016 revealed that six out of ten managers (60% of the sample) stated that their company did not learn from past mistakes. This is nearly double the 36% response from three years ago. Simply stated companies need to play to their strengths if they wish to survive.


In a world that is becoming increasingly technological, companies need to free up assets and resources if they are to grow. This means that your company will need to learn to use new technologies. These technologies often come with their fair share of issues that will only continue to build as time goes by. On top of that, your customers will depend on those employees to help them. How will all of this fit into your present model and how will your current resource base support it?

The Wrong Idea of Outsourcing

The word “outsourcing” conjures up vague images of cramped, hot warehouses in the middle of nowhere filled with hundreds of people and poor equipment. Outsourcing simply means paying an entity that specializes in the service you need to assume full responsibility for that service. Outsourcing isn’t about moving offshore or ducking responsibilities, it’s about lowering your costs and freeing up internal resources to be used elsewhere in your business. One of the advantage of IT is scalability. No matter what the business there are months and quarters where the company does vastly more business than all the other months. Peter Hands from Capita estimates that companies can save 30% on their IT costs by outsourcing the function and using scalability to run lean during the months there is less activity.

The Right Option

If you’re looking for outsourced IT services in Los Angeles or in any city nationwide, you have to be sure that you’re looking in the right places. You don’t want a company that is going to add to your frustrations. You need a group that will handle your problems as if they were their own. While there are many firms that offer IT support in Los Angeles and beyond, you should consider which company and specialists align with your organization’s best interest. In addition to a reduction of costs and the freeing up of resources inside your company, you will also give your employees and customers access to a global knowledge base that you can leverage.

Stress Less, Work Better


When you have more time to focus on the other aspects of your enterprise, the company isn’t the only thing that improves. The New York Daily News reported that stress levels in the USA have gone up 30% in 30 years. This leads to trouble in and out of the office. Knowing that you have one less problem to worry about, IT, will give you and your coworkers a better state-of-mind. Plus, with the excess time now allotted to your employees they’ll be able to focus more attention on your customers and the business as a whole.

Leave it to the Pros

As Peter Hands, CEO of Capita IT Enterprise Services said in an interview with Telegraph, “if it’s not your core business, then you’re probably not as good at it as somebody whose core business it is.” There are people who dedicate the entirety of their careers or education working in IT. It makes sense to have the best IT workers focus solely on IT for your company and leave your other employees to do what they’re best at. The cost savings to be found from outsourcing are considerable. The cost of disaster recovery can be reduced on average 92%, whereas desktop support can be reduced by 86%. But the savings don’t stop there, data center operations can be cut by 61%.

Better IT Brings Better Features

Outsourcing your IT work to other companies can also bring more features. Instead of having limited time to focus solely on small IT problems, an outsourced IT company can bring features like their top cloud services for business. Remember, IT is the primary focus of these companies so they will be able to delve into it much deeper than you can on your own.

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