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How to use tech to take better breaks [Infographic]

Whether you work at your place of employment or from home, or even if your ‘work’ today consists of ten solid hours fixing up something special on your computer, you can do a better job if you remember to take regular breaks. Just as importantly, these breaks should be high quality: instead of getting stuck on social media, eating junk food or smoking yet another cigarette, try to concentrate on something that is enriching for your body and soul. This has been proven to help you reach more satisfactory outcomes, as well as keeping yourself in better shape, inspired and energized. And technology has some interesting ways to help you.

For a start, get yourself a goal tracker app such as Be Focused, which will help you to regulate your day and ensure you get the regular breaks you need (and to come back from them!). Five minutes out of every half hour, or 15-20 minutes every hour and a half, are good intervals to try – it depends what works best for you. If you carry an e-reader, try installing Pocket on your various devices to make it easier to save and return to online articles when you have five minutes to tune your brain.

Another great online resource for keeping the mind fresh is Lumosity, which uses brain-training games to help you make the most of your natural gifts. Or if you prefer something less demanding, you can sit back and watch a TED Talk on YouTube: they’re always inspiring when you’re trying to achieve something special in your work or hobby.

For a whole host of other ways – both tech-oriented and old-school – to take better, energizing breaks, download this new infographic from Quid Corner. It’s a great one to keep handy on your desktop, so you always know how to make more efficient use of your break time.

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