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Published on July 12th, 2017 | by Rahul Gupta


Every Thing About The Video Making Social Networking App Musically

About is a kind of video social network. It has undoubtedly become one of the most trending applications on the web. It is a free application which was launched in October 2014. The users of this application are called Musers.

Musers can create time bound videos of themselves dancing to their favourite music. Also, there is an option of creating duets with friends, family or the people whom they follow and who follow them back. It is a platform where you can show off your talent.

Almost 100 million people, especially teenagers are obsessed with this application including American actor Casey Simpson and youtube celebrity Bart Baker. Muser can also use free Musically followers without verification online tool to get free musically followers,

Here are some tips to use the musical.Ly application efficiently.

Easy Steps To Use

1. Sign Up To

You can sign up to the application through your phone number, Facebook, Instagram or email address. Musers can also add and follow their friends through their contact list, Facebook friend list or Instagram. If not interested, they can skip the step of adding or following people.

2. Registration Process:

The homepage of the application opens where all the featured videos of the particular day open. Those videos are often the most popular and loved videos of the day. If you also like the videos you can press the ‘heart’ which is found on the right-hand side of your smartphone. Moreover, you can comment on those videos by pressing the cloud below the heart.

3. The Search Option:

you will find all the categories like comedy, style, food, animals, talent, sports, etc. in which you can make your videos. Also, there is a category of going live with your fans. There you can connect with your fans, answer their questions and also show gratitude for their gifts, etc.

Besides these categories there is also a song chart from where you can directly choose your favourite songs Besides the song chart, there is an option called ‘leaderboard’ which shows the top users determined by some hearts they have got.

On the same page, below, there are some trendy tags such as “#discodisco” clicking on which you can either post your video on that particular song or see the videos of the people who have posted videos on that song.

4. Besides The Search Option

There is a plus sign inside a circle. You have to click on same to make your video.

 It Provides You With Three Options:-

  • ‘Pick music’ through which you can choose the music track from the songs of your phone or the online library.
  • ‘Shoot first’ which lets you shoot the video first and then add a music track to the video.
  • ‘From library’ which allows you to choose a video from your phone library.

It is always recommended to use the hashtag ‘#featureme’ in their posts to be discovered by the applications custodians. The videos can be conveniently shared in your smartphones, with other users or on Facebook or Instagram.

5. Notifications Option:

Besides this option, there is a ‘notifiations’ option which provides you with all the updates.For example, if somebody has invited you to perform a duet it will be shown in the notifications section.

For example, if somebody has invited you to perform a duet it will be shown in the notifications section.

Also if you see something wrong, you can report to the musical.Ly team by pressing the button with three dots and then click report abuse.

So these were the easiest steps and tips to guide you to use the trending application

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