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Published on January 15th, 2019 | by Sumit Bhowal


Best Free DVD Ripper – Handbrake or WinX DVD Ripper?

Necessity of DVD to digital

Today it’s the digital era and everyone like you need to have data in the most up to date form. If you want to have old collection of your DVD into the digital form to enjoy it simply anywhere then Handbrake and WinX DVD Ripper are the best DVD ripping tool to help you successfully.

Secure your entire DVD collection while ripping it through efficient ripper that not only keeps your data safe while compatible to all PCs!

Be aware of the fact that DVD ripper support every type of the DVD no matter its new or old. Either you like to rip blockbuster movie or dramas on 32 bit or 64 bit program of your window it will quickly rip the favorite data to MP4.

You may get ISO image file to video and PAL region standard so simply that you may process the whole steps in few minutes.

DVD ripper is the champ to rip all the audio/video format and resolutions etc more simply. Being flexible in its editing features it can crop and trim your videos while selecting either audio track or attach subtitle.

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Have handbrake and WinX DVD Ripper as the best ripping solutions!

Want to rip DVD with thrilling speed? Then no need to be tense about it. Here you are with the most reliable digital products to rip all types of videos and audio format to enjoy all anywhere you want. Thanks to the handbrake and precisely, WinX DVD Ripper that are the ideal solutions for precise ripping of DVD. Either your DVD is great in size or damaged these two effective rippers will automatically do the ripping with the standard quality to run it on all platforms.


Being the open source video transcoder handbrake is the incredible multiplatform and multithreaded ripper. Plus it’s extremely useful for the Windows, Linux or Mac OS.

If you want to convert DVD sources (without DVD copy protections) or video files to MP4/MKV then handbrake is also the serves you fruitfully. Also, it put forward the settings for more than Windows like Linux and Mac OS. See Handbrake best settings for DVD to MP4 ripping>

WinX DVD Ripper

It’s also the efficient freeware that supports the DVD to digital ripping proficiently. WinX DVD Ripper not only support the common DVD’s fast ripping, it also support 99-titles DVD, Japanese DVD and Workout DVDs. Compared to Handbrake, WinX is faster and supports more output video format and lets you do the ripping more competently, professionally and resourcefully.

Generally, to modify the video quality and size handbrake creates MPEG-4 file for the enhanced compatibility range of the media player. Well, for all the advance users especially the Mac users, it is much suitable.

If you are newbie to rip your video or DVD then WinX DVD Ripper is more resourceful.

How to rip unprotected DVD with handbrake?

If you are interested to rip unprotected DVD with the handbrake then it’s simple to know through following steps.

Firstly download the handsbrake’s homepage program. Unfortunately handbrake may rip the unprotected DVD with the installation of the “libdvdcss”. After downloading this file separately as “libdvdcss-2.dll” keep it in the folder. For Mac you need to do the double click for its download. Then insert the target DVD to rip while opening the handbrake.

Clicking the source button in the upper left-hand corner choose the DVD drive. In few minutes it will scan your DVD. Afterward, from the Title drop down the menu bar to select the part of video to rip. (For movies it takes long hours and for episode it takes nearly 45 minutes).

Browse button on the right side of the window to find the way to save your movie file. Enter the file name of your choice then “ok” it.

On the right label “presets” bar to select the format for your file. You may have it as normal or high profile format as per your device to run your newly ripped DVD.

How to rip protected DVD with WinX DVD Ripper?

To rip DVD protected either you download the WinX DVD Ripper windows version or Mac.

Step 1: Click DVD Disc by means of ISO image or folder, WinX DVD Ripper will detects the correct main title automatically after importing the source DVD.

Step 2: Select the output profile as per your liking to rip desired DVD to hard drive (DVD-MP4, DVD-AVI, DVD –iPhone, etc.).

Yet you may clone DVD to ISO image and have the copy of full title as original as it is with video audio quality.

In this step, if your DVD disc is copy protected, then WinX DVD Ripper will remind you of it and will automatically remove the copy protections.

Step 3: Select the aim folder to save your transferred video file.

Step 4: Rip and backup the copy protected DVD with “Run” button.

The key features of WinX DVD Ripper that make WinX stands from other DVD ripper

Nothing is better than WinX DVD ripper for effective archiving and backup. Yet it’s editing and sharing is also peerless. Even with more than 350 profiles it can convert all types of images or videos to MP4, MPEG, and H.264 along other formats. Hence, it’s the best serving ripper for the whole media Player!

Straightforwardly have fun with the ripped files on iPhone or iPad or LCD or TV or PSP etc. with ultimate backup and quality output.

  • Rip DVD quicker than ever
  • May convert DVD to MP4/ drive, media player, YouTube etc
  • Mobile friendly for viewing option
  • Provide genuine copy of the original data with outstanding outputs
  • Support wide range of discs
  • Enhanced sharing and editing controls

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