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3 Reasons To Start Using Virtual Numbers For Registration

Virtual phone numbers are getting more popular day by day. There are millions of people who use them at the moment. But it is not surprising at all. Such phone numbers bring to the table multiple benefits that make them a really great solution for solving many tasks on the internet. For example, they allow the creation of unlimited accounts on all websites and apps with mandatory mobile phone number verification. They are also the most useful tool for bypassing geo-restrictions on online services. So here are the 3 most significant reasons to start using virtual numbers to receive SMS online for registration on the internet.

Globally available

The best thing about virtual phone numbers is that they are designed to be a tool that everyone can take advantage of. Thus, they are available everywhere. You don’t have to live in one of the specific countries to have the opportunity to use them. This is possible because of their connection to appropriate internet servers with a hardware that works in networks of cellular carriers just like mobile phones.

In view of the foregoing, everything that is necessary for use of virtual numbers is any device with an internet connection. You only need to proceed to an online service that offers this feature. Those services exist as basic websites as well as mobile apps. There is not really much difference between them in this regard. They both provide users with the opportunity to use virtual phone numbers over the internet when located anywhere in the world.

Cheaply priced

The second most significant reason to start using virtual numbers is their price. The cost of a new SIM card is a few dollars at best. Of course, there are still some countries that didn’t implement KYC in this industry. Thereby, they offer have lower prices. But yet the general situation is as described. This gets pretty expensive when it comes to having multiple phone numbers.

This story turns completely different way in the case of virtual phone numbers. Their price depends on two factors. Those are the country of their origin and the online service with which they are supposed to be registered. However, even though their price might really vary because of this, it never goes high. For example, one virtual number from the US for WhatsApp costs about $0.50 while numbers from other countries are even cheaper. There are also such low prices in the case of other websites and apps. So it is possible to use dozens of virtual phone numbers at the price of just one SIM card.

Completely confidential

Virtual phone numbers for verification via SMS are extremely popular among those who care about their privacy on the internet. The main reason is that they don’t require users to provide their personal information when it comes to using them. This leads to the absence of any risks in case the virtual number gets leaked. It has no connections with its users and cannot be used for any harmful purpose. But this is not where the benefits of privacy that this feature provides end. Virtual phone numbers are also:

  • Untraceable. There is no way to track where any of such numbers is being located. They all belong to certain online servers with a permanent location. It doesn’t change depending on the movements of users.
  • Cannot receive calls. The purpose of such numbers for verification says it all. They are designed to receive only OTP from online services and nothing else. Commercial companies, promoters, and fraudsters are not able to use them for calling.
  • Have no history on the internet. These days it is possible to get some information about a certain mobile phone number just by putting it on Google. It doesn’t work so with virtual numbers. Most often they often completely leave the market in a few months after appearance.

So it is pretty obvious that virtual phone numbers are an effective solution for ensuring more privacy on the web. You can use them to sign up for social networks, instant messaging apps, online stores, etc. They work the same in the case of every online service.


Such a feature as virtual numbers is a relatively new thing on the internet. However, despite this, it is already in demand among millions of users. This is easy to explain though. The reasons are obvious. Such numbers are cheap and convenient to use which is important these days when there are many different technologies that are difficult for understanding by regular internet users.

In addition, virtual phone numbers are also private and confidential. Nowadays both these parameters make much sense. Almost every day we see news about one or another online service falling victim to data leakage. Have been considering using them? Now you know that it is definitely worth giving it a try.

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