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5 Myths of Salon Software

Any industry goes through several changes. With the advancement of technology, there is more and more of such changes. If you own salon software or you plan to get one for your salon, there are many things you’d have to know about it. However, one funny aspect will include all that it is not about. This alternatively means the myths it is related to. We noted down some of the funniest myths, you must know about, to not believe in them!

Staying offline keeps information secure

In today’s world, everything is online. Do you think, only a hardcopy of the appointment book or the client’s contact is enough for expanding a business? Simply misplacing a book can be as unsecure as well. Even if your laptop crashes, it will not leave an impact on software that can be installed in another device. We admit that even online procedures can be hacked and data can be breached. However, getting good salon software will secure all possible business information with the best security available. If you are worried about watching the hard drive crash, you always need to back it up.

Better with an appointment book

You might find it pleasant to flip through the pages of your book, but it is often tactical too. Having everything recorded digitally helps you way more than the appointment books. You don’t want every stylist or other staff members to check the appointment book when they want. It must only be taken care of by the manager or the person appointed to work on it. You don’t have to shuffle through pages or scan for opening when there is a client waiting. The salon booking app helps you find out a booking within a few seconds.

You will lose money

Many salon owners deal with a dilemma that software management can make them lose money. They think that such software are expensive and can reduce their revenue. However, it is an absolutely myth, and quite the opposite. Many salon claims that they can’t afford the cost of subscription for software. If you compare the benefits against them, you will see yourself gaining more. The software can charge you a little, but it saves you a lot of time. It helps you cut down on human labor and lets you put the staff to other use. You have a lot of indirect gain and you can offer customer-friendly services.

You don’t need digital presence

If you think that client’s won’t look for your online or have some traditional phonebook to find you, you are completely wrong. Client’s now days want everything online. You need them to go through your website and get everything there. Your software improves your digital reference. You can automate messages, keep track about your client’s preferences, and make referrals through them.

Too much to keep track

If you think that software complicates your job, and you might find the new technology intimidating, just hold on! Go slow and take your time to understand salon software. Once you know every bit, you will be able to understand how it is actually beneficial and not cumbersome. It accepts every tiny data and helps you track every step. You just need to understand what it is and how to make it work.

Check out SalonTouch Studio to get your salon software and make your salon’s functionality quicker and simpler. The process is going to help you really well and you will be able to make more profits, save time, and be happier. Fight these myths and don’t let anyone make you believe in them ever again!

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