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How to change car battery to A new one?

Everything needs maintenance with time. The same is true for the car’s battery. These batteries may die according to your needs. These batteries are designed in such a manner where they last for a few years and need to be replaced within a counted number of years.

If you notice that your headlights are dimmer or your car is need of a jump-start, then you must pay attention to the maintenance of your vehicle. In such cases, generally, you’ll notice that your battery is dead. And hence this needs to be replaced which is easy and less time taking.

Removal of battery

  • You need to remember that the battery of a particular car that has to be changed has to be parked in a safe and secure place which is well-ventilated.
  • You have to be sound in terms of safety issues. Just cover yourselves with insulated work gloves and old clothes. And then put on your hood and maintain it up with a rod.
  • Just search the battery, if you face any kind of problem, just take a reference from your manual and locate the battery.
  • You need to disconnect the negative wires ( black colored, minus one) in order to protect yourself from any kind of electric shocks.
  • Now, the value of positive wires takes where they are tied with the cable tie.
  • Now safely remove the battery from the vehicle. In this, you have to work with a socket wrench, one of rockets-sized. Since the battery is heavy and it is genuine to take the help of any of your friends.

Placing a new battery


  • Firstly you have to remove the dirt from the terminals of the battery in order to place a new battery. Remove the battery acid and remember that it is corrosive in nature which comes in contact with clothes or skin then it may harm you.
  • You must have the knowledge of the battery used for your vehicle. Batteries differ in shape, size, and capacity, and this needs to be acknowledged. In this case, you can find a wide range of acdelco battery and choose the most suitable as per your car.
  • Now, you need to place the battery in the battery tray, so simply follow the reverse path which you followed for removing the battery.
  • After completion of this process, you need to grease the terminals with lithium grease in order to avoid corrosion.
  • Now connect the positive wire first.
  • Now you have to connect the negative wire as well and follow the same steps and remember that you have to avoid touching of black wire or wrench to any kind of metal.
  • Now remove the Hood and restart a vehicle.

After connecting the hood, you have to reset the alarm, radio, and navigation settings. Check once that all the electronic equipment is working properly. After performing this process, you will truly realize that all the malfunctioning was just happening because of a dead battery. The process is easy, and it really helps, but everything needs to be compiled correctly.

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