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How To Help Your Small Business Survive The Pandemic

Dealing with the pandemic has been a challenge for many small companies, as they struggle to stay afloat in a new and uncertain economy. I AM Builders, a company that provides construction estimating services, has experienced the challenges that come with an economy that is constantly fluctuating. If you have a small business, the coronavirus crisis doesn’t need to mean the end of what you have worked so hard to build. Now is the time to consider how your business can offer the products and services customers are looking for, while giving everyone a chance to social distance as much as they feel comfortable. Take a look at these ideas of how you can keep your company progressing forward no matter what challenges are coming your way.

Offer Curbside Delivery

If your business offers any sort of product, curbside delivery is the perfect way to ensure that the product reaches your customers. With curbside delivery, your customers can place an order online or call and pay over the phone. They can call again when they reach you, and you or an employee can bring out the items. Curbside delivery is becoming popular because people can get what they need quickly and efficiently, just by shopping online, eliminating the hassle of walking around a store, and spending additional time shopping. Depending on the type of business you have, continuing to offer curbside delivery even after the pandemic might be helpful if your customers are looking to avoid spending a lot of time in stores or want to stay away from impulse buys since research shows it has become a popular offering.

Carry Items They’ll Need

Many businesses, even those that didn’t specialize in masks, face shields, or hand sanitizer, are starting to offer them in addition to what they usually sell. That’s because there is a demand, and many customers find themselves going through the aforementioned products often. Consider selling these at your business, adapting to the needs of those you serve. For example, toy stores are now starting to carry child-size masks, while personal-use cans of disinfectant and hand sanitizer seem to pop up in businesses of all kinds. See what you are able to order and can start offering to your customer base. Doing this shows that you understand their needs and more importantly, that you care.

Provide Support They’ll Use

Since the pandemic, many people have started working from home. If your business focuses on helping individuals or companies who require help with IT or similar services, such as a managed service provider, it’s important that folks have someone to call if they start running into issues. Focusing on angling your IT business toward other small companies and work-at-home employees or freelancers will appeal to those who are navigating working in this new type of setting, and will help them feel confident you understand what they are going through.

Keep Your Line Of Communication Open

Phones are more vital now than ever, thanks to social distancing. Customers and potential customers may still have questions and need your help, so it’s necessary that you are available or have the staff to help you when someone reaches out. During the height of the pandemic, many companies found their phone lines overwhelmed as customers were stuck at home and trying to get through. Make sure you remain aware of stay-at-home orders where you live, and plan accordingly, having your own employees work from home as necessary to provide customer support.

It is possible to keep your busy afloat and even thriving during the coronavirus pandemic if you plan ahead. Offering curbside delivery and carrying items your customers will use often, such as hand sanitizer, can help. If your business provides support, try a new angle that appeals to those who are now confined to working from home. Finally, regardless of your business, keep the lines of communication as open as possible, so it is easier for customers to reach you. This will bolster their confidence and help your company stand out from the others.

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