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Top Website Builders in 2016

Build fantastic websites quickly without needing programming skills. Website builders change the ordeal of creating a personal or business website into a pleasurable experience. Website creation in the past required site owners to use a disjointed process to cobble together a domain name, hosting service and CMS. Now, anyone can create a useful website by visiting a one-stop shop that includes every necessary component, including hosting.

One-stop website builders give you the software you need for your site, including blogging and e-commerce applications that can quickly get your brand online. The services automatically update your software with the latest bug fixes and feature updates, so you can focus on your content without worrying about technical details.

Business customers appreciate the benefits of website builders:

– Low Cost. Website builders usually cost less than their equivalent services would cost when purchased by themselves. Some free plans exist that appeal to individuals, small businesses, and companies that want to learn more about website creation.

– Feature Rich. Developers continually update their website with new features to provide their customers with the best available tools for website creation and maintenance.

– Security Updates. Website builder services install security updates as they become available, so customers can confidently operate their sites.

– Support. Website builders have support available, so customers can quickly learn how to use all available tools. Service providers usually provide support through email, live chat, or online forums. Various services might have different support options available.

Choose from the following top website builders to begin crafting an online presence for your brand today.


Wix - templates

If you have an email address, you can build a website with Wix. The site features an intuitive interface that you can use to create the perfect internet site for your brand. Choose from hundreds of available templates and then interact with on-screen questions to customize your site. At any time, you can use the undo feature if you make changes that you don’t like.

Tons of gadgets and a toolbox for tweaking your mobile site ensure that you deliver the perfect user experience. Wix also provides tools for building rich, feature-packed web stores. You can choose either the free site option to use a subdomain for your site or a premium option that lets you buy your domain name without leaving the site. If you already have a domain name, you can use it with Wix.


Weebly - mobile

Get your website, blog, or store running using Weebly. Get started with a free account, and then build your site using a point-and-click interface. Use themes and other options to give your site a stylish appearance. You can use a Weebly domain or buy a domain name for your company and add it to a premium account.

Weebly learns about the type of site you want to build by asking you a series of questions and then gives you the tools you need to create it. You never lose the changes you make to your site, because of Weebly’s auto-save feature. After building your desktop website, you can customize its appearance, so it works well for users with mobile devices.

The service offers a full range of e-commerce options that can get your custom store online in a matter of minutes. The service provides you with website statistics that aid in optimization. You can also download the source code for your site if you ever want to move it to a different hosting service or tweak it using computer-based tools.


Pixpa’s all-in-one platform allows creative pros like photographers, artists, and designers to build their professional portfolio websites, complete with in-built eCommerce stores, client proofing and blogging capabilities.

With Pixpa, creatives can pull all their tasks together in one place instead of having to rely on several different services. Pixpa is mobile friendly, and it will give you high quality, save you time, and save you money. You can get started for free with the 15-day trial


Squarespace - get started

Create a website with responsive designs that have as much beauty as they do functionality. Start by answering a short questionnaire that Squarespace uses to begin your search for a template. An elegant interface guides you as you place text, buttons, images, charts and other objects on your pages. Within your template, you can choose different types of pages to create the robust presence your company deserves. You can also use Markdown, a lightweight coding language, to add customizations to your pages. Squarespace provides your business with integrated tools for online selling, including a shopping cart and payment processor.

Before publishing your site, confirm its appearance using the preview function. If you see something you don’t like, change your pages on-the-spot, without leaving the view. The service also lets you customize the way your site appears on mobile devices, putting you in control over the entire user experience. Squarespace puts powerful design and analytical tools at your disposal, so you can always revise your website to adapt to changing market and SEO trends.


A clear interface featuring a set of site tools that make mobile sites, social media integration, and analytics easy. Businesses and individuals use DudaOne to create responsive websites, blogs, and web stores.


Known for its domain registration and site hosting services, GoDaddy offers a website builder. The service comes equipped with generous amounts of storage, a drag-and-drop interface for creating pages, and photo editing.


Get a WYSIWYG site building tool, site customization options, social integrations, and mobile support when you choose Jimbo. The website builder has a competitive price structure makes the service appealing to many customers.


Build a free website using a provided subdomain or use a custom domain with a premium plan using Webs. The website builder provides options for stores, blogs, and video hosting.


Build a free website using a Yola subdomain, or buy a domain to go with a premium package. The website builder targets small business users who want an easy way to create a code-free professional web presence. The service provides options for web stores and social features.

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