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Using Aged Domains for SEO

If you’re working on your site’s SEO, then you know how many tips, tricks, and strategies there are out there. But even if you’re doing everything the experts say you should, you could work for many months or even years and still not see the ranking results you want.

One of the best ways to see results quickly is using premium aged domains. These previously owned site addresses are up for sale and just waiting to be your SEO solution.

Learn more about how aftermarket domains help your search engine ranking, whether they’re suitable for you, and where you should look for the most premium selection.

Domains and SEO

When you first embark on creating a website, your first thought may be to design it to be enjoyed by readers. And while this is, of course, essential and should always be a priority, search engine optimization is equally important.

Search engine optimization (SEO) includes the tactics you use to rank your website. So while you want readers to like what they see on your page, you want Google to enjoy it as well. After all, with first page results claiming over 70% of clicks from users, ranking high is the only way you’ll ever get eyes on your site.

When people think of SEO, they often think of keywords. If someone searches “best pizza in London”, they’ll be sent to the page that has this phrase used the most, right? On the contrary, stuffing keywords into content is now punished by Google. Now, keywords are just one part of the most critical factor in SEO: authority.

They rank authoritative sites higher to provide readers with the most trustworthy, reliable results. This way, users find what they’re looking for quickly and return to the search engine for their future searches.

Think of your domain as your address. If Google evaluates your site to be relevant to a specific topic, trusted by other sites (as shown through backlinks) and long-trusted without penalties, they’ll send users to that address. The domain, not the owner, holds the authority, making your domain key in your SEO strategy.

About Aged Domains

When you create a domain, your authority with search engines is zero. The algorithms have no reason to trust your site, and they won’t risk sending their precious users to you. If the users just see a bunch of spam or irrelevant information stuffed with keywords, they’ll leave for another search engine.

Search engines have created strict guidelines for building authority to avoid this problem. And while this is good news for users who know they’ll be sent to reliable sites, this can be frustrating for site owners who are ready to share their insights, products, or services with the world but aren’t getting clicks because they can’t rank quickly.

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This is where premium aged domains come in. As we mentioned, a site’s authority is tied to its address. So while owners of a domain can change hands, the authority stays with the domain address, not the owner. This means that people looking to boost their ranking can essentially buy authority by purchasing premium aged domains.

Aged domains have been online, garnering a reputation. The stronger that reputation, the more expensive it is. Some aged domains only benefit from age, overcoming the Google “sandbox” period (probation of sorts). Others have accumulated many backlinks, published solid content, and indexed pages.

Sites like Odys Global allow you to purchase one of these domains that have already built some authority for itself. This way, you have a significant advantage for your SEO endeavors.

Why Are There Aftermarket Domains Available?

If having authority is so crucial on search engines, it seems like no one would ever want to let go of the domain they’ve built online. However, there are many reasons that aftermarket domains are released from their original owners and appear for sale. Some reasons include:

• The owner is no longer in the business that the site was created for.

• It was time to renew ownership, and the owner failed to renew.

• Payment processing error allowed ownership to expire.

• Lost interest from the owner.

• The owner is selling it for a profit (imagine it’s like flipping houses, but instead, you’re building a domain’s authority to then sell to the highest bidder).

Why Explore Aftermarket Domains

Premium aged domains have a lot to offer when used correctly. Learn about the top benefits of aftermarket domains, so you can determine if they’re worth your investment.

Buy Your Business Time

When 90% of startups fail, getting ahead of your competition is vital to your success. And success in the digital age requires a ranked website that catches your customers’ attention. But you don’t have time to wait to make money while you climb out of the Google sandbox and slowly build your authority.

When you start with a premium aged domain, you get a significant boost to your SEO. This way, you can focus more on your business and less on ranking quickly.

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Direct Traffic to Your Site

Domains aren’t just for the authority. Premium aged domains also have indexed pages to offer. These rank well on Google and get traffic. With these well-trafficked pages, you can direct visitors to your site, increasing your own traffic through these established pages.

Beat New Domains Out the Gate

Two companies that sell the same products create their websites the same day. Suddenly, they’re in a tight race to see who will rank more quickly. But with an aged domain, you’re not in this race. You achieve authority right away and can progress rapidly compared to your peers.

The Best Spot for Aftermarket Domains — An Odys Global Review

Because many people are looking to upgrade their rankings with aged domains, many sites are popping up claiming to sell reliable aftermarket options. However, what they offer is often poor in quality, and their tactics will waste your money or even get you penalized by Google.

You don’t need to worry about any of those problems with Odys Global. SEO experts trust this site because they only offer premium aged domains. Wondering what exactly you’ll get when you shop with Odys Global? Check out the top features we love about this platform.

Find the Right Premium Aged Domain

With thousands of options available for aftermarket domains, you may just think that any pick will do fine. But that’s simply not the case. You need to know that you’re purchasing a reputable site that has the age, authority, and relevant connection that you’re looking for.

With Odys Global, critical and easy-to-read analyses are available. That way, you can quickly review everything you need to know about an available site before buying.

Buying aftermarket domains is an investment. If you end up with the wrong one, your investment is wasted. Working with Odys Global ensures you can find the perfect choice that fits your goals.

Simple Interface and Checkout

SEO can get complicated, so having a simple platform is essential. With Odys Global, all of the information is readily available and easy to understand.

This means you can review all the options available, quickly filter the results to narrow down your choice, and then easily check out when you’re ready.

Excellent Customer Service

When it comes to something as serious as SEO, you want to ensure that your aftermarket domain seller has your back. And with excellent customer service, you can depend on Odys Global to be there for you.

A customer service representative will speak with you to ensure the ownership transfer goes smoothly as soon as you checkout. And if anything goes wrong, the team is easy to reach, so you can quickly find a solution.

Affordable Premium Aged Domains

When it comes to aftermarket domains, you get what you pay for. So yes, you can find an aged domain on the cheap, but this could be a site that had a horrible history of spamming, keyword stuffing, buying backlinks, and more bad tactics that get a site flagged by Google. So even though it’s cheap, you won’t get any of the benefits you’re looking for.

Odys Global has a wide range of available domains at varying prices. This means that you can find premium aged domains for your SEO efforts no matter what your budget is. Whether that’s just an older domain that gets you out of the Google sandbox or a domain full of indexed pages, you’ll find it on Odys Global.

Their fully vetted domains mean that your investment will go far no matter what you pay.

Give Your SEO the Support It Needs

All is fair in love, war, and SEO — so don’t assume that you and your competitors all enjoy a level playing field. Everyone has different levels of connections, existing online presences, and previous search engine authority that could be giving them a serious edge over you.

When trying to carve out a place for yourself on Google and rank your site, you don’t need to start from zero. To truly compete, you need the best strategies and tactics to get ahead. Premium aged domains are a simple but effective way to boost your SEO efforts.

If you’re serious about getting search engine users to click on your site, don’t miss out on the opportunities that aftermarket domains offer. Buy a premium aged domain of your own today.

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