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The Most Common Route of Administration for Steroids

Facts about bodybuilding

  • Most of the bodybuilders spent $8k to $20k for a 16 weeks steroids consumption cycle.
  • Bodybuilders are taking steroids under the supervision of trained physicians.
  • Deaths and injuries associated to bodybuilders are not related to steroids, but it can happen due to uses of insulin, diuretics and other recreational drugs.

You might have come across a big debate whether these wrestling shows are real or not, and you might have seen people who argue about the steroid use of the wrestlers. The use of steroid is pretty common among the bodybuilders, wrestlers, professionals and amateurs, and there are numerous misconceptions that have made the use of steroid a complicated thing nowadays.

The channels and magazines that used to show and talk about wrestling shows had never said a word on the steroids that are used by these bodybuilders because it was a big secret. The idea of natural bodybuilding sounds vague nowadays and a large number of people tend to use steroids during their training. In addition, the easy accessibility of the internet has helped to circulate some stupid misconceptions regarding the use of anabolic steroids, but here you can find the real facts about using steroids.

Factors to Consider Getting the Desired Result

Intake of anabolic steroid doesn’t mean that you start taking the pills and it will automatically shape your physique. Diet is a vital thing for consideration and supplementation and perfect diet can help you to achieve the best result at the end of a cycle. There are many people who don’t follow proper diet plans and later complain about the effectiveness of the steroid. If you are serious about the outcome, you must follow a proper meal plan to avail the best outcome. Apart from that, you must conduct few essential blood tests during on-cycle and off-cycle treatments of steroids to identify the hormonal changes of your body.

Use of steroids is prohibited in our society and it can lead you to experience numerous side effects in the future. It is completely banned and if you are thinking to use you must have a private doctor to guide you regarding the cycle. In case you don’t have a private doctor, you might have to answer a few questions like why do you want to use, what are the purposes etc.

We suggest the readers choose your doctor wisely and a reliable private doctor can help you to take necessary precautions to balance the blood levels and ensure a good health. They can also help you to perform various checkups from time to time without any difficulties. A significant amount of professionals tend to prefer steroids to achieve various goals and most of them have their private doctors who are aware of the proper guidelines of using steroids. You will get the best results if your take steroids under proper medical supervision.

Some people face serious health issues while taking steroids in a heavy cycle. It is true that steroid can seriously harm the kidney and liver. PCT can be helpful during this condition to fix all these issues. When you drop off the oral steroids and go for the post-cycle treatment, you will find the massive changes in your hormones and your blood cycle will recover within two to three weeks maximum.

Things to Avoid While Taking Steroid

A lot of people experience several side-effects during the cycle and a lot of things can enhance the possibilities. In this part, we will discuss the necessary things that can make things worse and users should keep a safe distance with these things during their treatment.

People take narcotic painkillers or recreational drug along with the steroid can suffer from some massive side effects. The mixture of steroid and recreational drug may act like venom and therefore we suggest the readers avoid the use of narcotic pills, drinks and other recreational substances during the period. Drinking lots of juices is a smart move during the on-cycle of steroids, but the composition of the steroids can act adversely with the components of the fruit juices. So do not take other medicines with steroids, and do not thing to consume alcohol with steroids.

Health issues are another factor that must be considered by users. In case you think something is wrong, you should immediately stop taking steroids and a consultation with the doctor might be helpful. In many cases, genetic factors may lead you to experience health issues and you have to be careful about it.

Abuse of a substance can be risky if not handled carefully and you might have seen deadly side-effects among the body building professionals and hence limit is an important thing while consuming in a large dose. There are several precautions that might help you to avoid the health risks and many people prefer taking diuretics to balance blood pressure issues during the treatment.

Insulin can be a potential threat for the body builders and therefore one must study the substance before using it. If you are aware of your purposes and know what to do, then it is absolutely right but ignoring the actual protocol might bring risks in future. You need to know the right dose, but an overdose can even result in sudden death and therefore one must know about the substance. Even the death rates from the use of steroid are very low, professionals blame on media for lack of research and evidence.

Bodybuilders sometimes have a tendency to go up to the extreme level during their steroid use and it can be risky for individuals. There are people who take about 5-6 grams of oil, 36 IU of GH daily accompanied by 100IU insulin and such dosage can lead you to experience the negative effects of overuse.

A lot of bodybuilders consume some recreational drug during the cycle, especially when they went out for a vacation, and it increases the chance of developing health issues in the future.


Bodybuilding is not a sport approved by NFL, but we can consider this profession as our dream. A person has to undergo a tough training session in order to achieve the best results has to spend a heavy amount to achieve the curves and cuts in their body muscles. There are professionals who spend about $20,000 for just 4-month cycle and the price ranges between $8000- $15000 depending on the cost of GH.

Things to Remember While Practicing Pro-Bodybuilder’s Cycle

In case you are thinking to use an anabolic steroid to boost gain muscle mass and get an attractive muscular physique, you must get a basic idea about the professionals’ cycle and it will help you to plan your own. Although each and every cycle is different and planned as per the need of the users, here’s an example of a 16-week cycle for general use.

  1. The user must switch to short-acting compounds and cut prolonged esters at 6-8 weeks out.
  2. Steroid sometimes leads you to experience various feminine effects and in case you are preparing for a bodybuilding show, you should take anti-estrogens in order to make your muscles harder and stronger.
  3. The intake of testosterone must be stopped ahead of the show and it will give you a normal look. You may continue but that will give you a dry and rough look, which is not natural.
  4. Supplementation plays a vital role during the cycle and users are recommended to consume supplement like liver supplements, Curcumin, Flameout during the cycle.
  5. Consumption of steroid in a large dose must be avoided if you are a fresher. An experienced person can take a large dose from time to time but amateurs shouldn’t do it and they should take it in a small dose at the beginning.

16-Week Sample: Moderate to Large Dose

Here is an instance of a professional bodybuilder’s cycle and the dose mentioned below, should be adjusted according to personal requirement.

1-10 Testosterone Enanthate, 750mg a week (1000-1200mg advanced)

1-10 EQ, 800mg a week (1000mg advanced)

1-10 Tren E, 600mg/week (800mg advanced)

1-8  D-Bol, 50mg every day (up to 100mg advanced)

10-16 100mg Testosterone prop EOD (100mg ED advanced)

10-16 100mg Trenbolone Acetate EOD (75-100mg ED advanced)

10-16 100mg Masteron propionate EOD (100mg ED advanced)

10-16 50mg Winstrol or Anavar ED

8-16 Start T3 at 25mcg ED and taper up as needed.

12-16 Halotestin, start at 20mg ED and increase by 10mg every 7days

Pharmaceutical GH 6-12 IU ED for the whole cycle (larger dosage can be taken if you are habituated with the same)

You can take Insulin of 5-10 IU during pre-workout and after drinking Plazma™. This is a moderate dosage and you can increase the dose if required.

Users must stop taking insulin at the right time and it can vary on man to man depending on the quantity of carbs, water retention and conditioning. A lot of users prefer taking insulin about a week or two before the competition and you can start taking it again after the competition. But you must take proper precautions during this cycle because you can face some water retention issues due to insulin.

Clenbuterol is on option starting at 6-8 weeks out. Most start low, 20-40mcg.

Nolvadex (Tamoxifen): 20mg ED for the whole cycle, taper up if needed starting at 6 weeks out.

Arimidex for the whole cycle starting at 1mg EOD and taper up as needed from 6 weeks out.

Provironstarting at 8 weeks out at 25mg ED and taper up as the show gets closer, up to 100mg ED.

Note: The sample chart doesn’t cover the last week as the last week is complicated and hence one must not generalize it.

We hope this article will help the readers to understand essential factors like do’s and don’ts and dosage about the substance. This can help you to set a plan for your own in the future.

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