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5 most enticing tech blogs – An Overview

It is just not possible to think about a website or for that matter a better means to communicate with the “unseen” visitors of your website unless you have a blog. In fact, blog is one “informal” way of connecting better with your audience. Regardless of whether it a product launch you want to talk about, express your opinion about a particular subject, or enjoy a bit of humor, you will find all in the blogs. However, here we will focus on the main technology blogs that have gained popularity over the years and are expected to remain on the top for the current year 2017 too. While few that have been mentioned are around for quite some time now, few can be regarded as the latest tech blogs. So, take a look at these blogs for your future references.

Top technology blogs

More and more people are now embracing this form of communication for accessing the latest events that are taking place around the globe. Given below is a list of the best technology blogs-


  • GigaOM


A creation of Om Malik, this blog is considered as one of the largest blogs across the globe. If you want to know what’s in and what’s out in the world of technology, this is perhaps the best blog you can look up. A wide array of topics is covered in this blog, ranging from Web 2.0 technologies to News and analytical views. You just name it and this blog has it all. With team strength of well versed, passionate, and experienced writers, you cannot ignore this blog at any cost.

  • ZDNet

In terms of its age, this blog is one of the oldest. This is because having survived on the virtual world for more than a decade is definitely a commendable achievement, which very few websites and blogs have managed to attain. However, when it comes to covering varied topics, you can expect to get the latest in the world of technology in this blog. Launched in the year 1991 on CompuServe as well as Prodigy, this blog was bought by CNET in the year 2000. Known for covering major events and topics related to Google, Apple, and Microsoft, there is a broad spectrum of topics that this blog covers.


  • Mashable


Known as one of the best blogs around in the virtual world, it won’t be wrong to say that this blog is one of the favorites of many. It is updated on a regular basis and although it is not one of the latest technology blogs, yet it offers the best and latest technology news and reports about events that are taking place across the globe.


  • Gizmodo


If you are looking for some humor in technology, this is perhaps the best tech blog you can think of. It is in fact regarded as one of the “must-follow” websites as far as technology topics are concerned. The best about this blog is the comments that you get to read after every topic.




This is a website that does not limit its blog topics to just tech but you can be sure that you will find the latest technology blogs topics right here. Regular updates help you to stay abreast with what is happening in the tech world. This is important because if you are not up to date with the tech world, which is essentially dynamic, you will be left far behind in the rat race. As such, you need to keep pace with the ever changing tech world, lest someone else supersedes you in the long run.

The names of the tech blogs mentioned above are just a few of the hundreds of tech blogs that you can come across on the virtual world. However, these names appear because they are regarded as the best ones in their own sphere.

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