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Ways to Prospect More Effectively [Infographic]

Much of the success of a business depends on the efficiency of its sales process. And as much as salespeople are a concern, they know that very first step in order to close a deal is a gripping prospecting strategy. Sales prospecting refers to a set of activities – like cold-calling and networking – that sales rep undertakes in hopes of creating sales opportunities.

Although crucial, not all businesses realize how sales prospecting can immensely affect not only their bottom line but the overall brand impression they leave on their target market’s mind. In fact, statistics says that less 25% of companies who receive a web lead will respond by phone. Not only this figure reflects poor response strategy, but it also shows that many businesses are not exerting enough time and effort in order to move their leads further into the sales funnel. This inefficiency can also taint the name of the business if not address immediately.

With the increasing competition in the market these days, it is only imperative that your sales prospecting strategy is effective not only in creating interests but also a stronger relationship with your target customers. With an effective prospecting strategy, you will not only improve your revenue but also your customer retention and loyalty as well.

In summary, here are the key takeaways from the infographic below from Business Coaches Sydney which walks us through the different effective ways you can improve your prospecting strategy today.

  1. Follow a consistent schedule
  2. Focus: Allocate a specific time of the day for your prospecting efforts
  3. Use different prospecting techniques (networking, referral generation, email marketing, direct mail, etc.)
  4. Develop prospecting scripts
  5. Be a provider of great solutions
  6. Practice warm calling
  7. Establish yourself as thought leader
  8. Understand that prospecting is not selling.

To learn more about this topic, check out the infographic below.

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