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Top 10 Candid Wedding Photography Hacks

Planning the candid wedding photography is the most overwhelming and the most exciting process of the same time. You’ll be looking back at your wedding for years. Weddings are once in a life time opportunities to pamper yourself and to look absolutely gorgeous. Here are a list of 10 Candid wedding photography hacks to make your wedding photography stunning.

1) Pre-Wedding Planning

Start planning your wedding early. Research online and from friends that have got married. Ask them things that went well and that didn’t so that you can plan  your wedding better. Also, try and a have a close family member or friend help you out throughout the pre wedding planning, right up to the wedding day, so that some one is in touch with your preferences. Usually, couples get really busy with guests and wedding ceremonies so it would be great for somebody to take responsibility for everything that’s going on.

2) Review

Review everything from the food, decor, location and weather. But most important, review the kind of photographs that you like. While picking references of candid wedding photographers review their work too. Check if the photographer has a style similar to your expectations. Observe if the photographs are in focus, clear, sharp and in rich vivid colour. See if the wedding photographers portfolio is diverse. If they are flexible to adopt different styles. While picking references for pics online, look for couples with similar skin tones and body types? It will be easier for you to observe which poses, colours and styling suit you best.

3) References

Look up reviews for all vendors. The stylist, makeup, dress maker, jewelry, wedding photographer, location, food caterer. A wedding shoot is a combination of so many things coming together. We can expect wedding photographers to work their magic. But you’d be able to see much better photographs if some of the nuances are taken care of. If something does not come out as expected it could mean grumpy expressions or having less time to take photographs.

4) Shot list

Prepare a brief schedule for the photography mentioning the location, the shots to be covered and the type of photography or video. Don’t forget to schedule getting ready, makeup, parents and couple shots in your schedule.

5) Location

The location is a major component of any photoshoot. Look for locations that provide for as many different uncluttered beautiful frames. The locations should be tasteful, artistic and have a charm that could add to your theme. And at the same time, do not forget to get the best nj wedding photographers and videographers for your wedding.

6) Lighting

Make sure to do a recon with your photographer and check for lighting. You might need the wedding planner or event manager to add additional lights on the crowd and the couple.

7) Family List

Make a list of family members for the  group photographs, have a family member from both sides coordinate with the families so that they can be identified and called for the group photographs.

8) Aesthetics

While picking the wardrobe for the bridesmaids, the colours and themes for the decorations try and use minimal colours. The colours on the people should pop against the background. However, too many colours can make the place look like a huge mess. Avoid using large spaces of white, close up candid shots will look like they were taken at a corporate office or hospital. Go for creams, golds for the large areas. Go for a splash of bright theme colours to contrast with the backgrounds. Plan the sequence of flower decoration similarly. Don’t go for too many colours with the flowers also.

9) Chin up

Practice some beautiful poses for 5 minutes in the mirror every day. Remember to keep your head up and smile. Push your chin out to eliminate that double chin. Squint your eyes ever so slightly to look graceful. Pick a smile that suits you best. Practice different poses so that it will be easy to get your pictures quicker.

10) Enjoy your day

A large part of your wedding photographs will be candid photography. So enjoy your wedding have a stress free day. Allocate responsibility to someone so that you don’t have to bother with decisions and can be cheerful and mingle with all your family and friends from near and far.

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