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SEO Tips For An Improving and Fast-Growing Solopreneur Marketing

Being a Solopreneur requires loads of responsibility along with risks and challenges. There are various challenges solopreneurs face when it comes to marketing their business online. To go in the right directions, a solopreneur needs to understand how online marketing techniques work.“Search Engine Optimization’ (SEO), which is  major practice that comes under online marketing, is amongst those areas which exasperate many solopreneurs. In order to get clients for your business, it is imperative to make it a cakewalk for them to search you online.


Solopreneurs constantly need to focus on high-quality SEO because it will ultimately get their business exposed to the desirable audience. Well, if you are a solopreneur, who is looking for measures to improve search rankings, this blog is here to guide you through essential SEO tips for marketing business successfully.

Content Should be the Foremost Priority– Content plays an important role to give a meaningful shape to an effective online marketing. A spoken word is not only appreciated but also contributes equally to bringing the clients before you. Therefore, you should incorporate rich quality of content exposed to view on your site. In addition to being quality-focused, it should add meaning, value and practicalities for readers, compelling them to buy your service or product. Aside from the practical benefits offered to readers, a well-written and unique content is again loved by search engines. Content Marketing and SEO go well with one another. Considering the fact that a readable content is easily crawled by search bots, Solopreneurs should focus on preparing content which is likely to witness a fair amount of social media shares and give a massive boost to incoming traffic. Not only keeping your content fresh matters but updating it on a regular basis again keeps both readers and bots interested.

Extensive Keyword Research- Using the right tools easily helps incorporating keywords that are highly searched by the audience. Therefore, it is advised to do keyword research using free and premium tools with fair enough monthly searches and not a stiff competition.

Keyword Density Should Not Be Ignored- Unnecessary stuffing of keywords should be ignored because it not only makes the text or content look ridiculous but can also get you castigated.

Black Hat SEO is one of the traditional SEO practices which were imitated during the days when SEO originally came into existence. One could easily drop their rankings by using such black hat techniques. So, do not use it as a part of your marketing strategy.

To incorporate keywords, you must go with a natural flow. The acceptable keyword density appreciated by Google bots is equivalent or less than 3%.

Displaying Keywords Discernibly- Important keywords should be inserted at the right areas on your page, including, “Page Title”, “Heading”, “Main Body” and in the opening and closing sentences as possible.

Incorporate Keywords in URL– While optimizing the address of web page, you need to ensure that required keywords are included in it. Google uses text in URL to help determine topic of your content; therefore, it is always a good idea to edit your URL by inserting the keywords.

Do Not Avoid Local Searches- Targeting keywords close to your area might rank you a bit better than your counterparts. For Example, if you are targeting an area where your business competitors ain’t taking out the benefits of local search techniques, you will definitely get an extra advantage.

Social Media Is A Serious Business– Social signals like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. not only pull traffic but also make connections stronger by maximizing brand awareness. Social media can actually do wonders by getting an increased user base, followers, and compelling them to buy from you.


Are you living the life of a Solopreneur?? If yes, it’s time to implement these simple yet self-applied tips which can be used to reap marketing benefits for your business in the years to come. All you need is a little patience, honesty and relevance that will give you results devoid of penalties. Doing this right will surely pave your way to success as an independent worker.


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Ritu Singh is one of the most renowned and an expert professional app store marketing strategists at BetterGraph with immense knowledge of private label SEO reseller services. The author has contributed all her efforts to numerous modern SEO techniques by applying her innovative methodologies. She has a deep interest in writing blogs and conveying fruitful information about recent SEO trends to keep readers engaged for a long time.

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