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49 “Uber for X” companies

Uber seemingly came out of nowhere in 2009, just two years after the first iPhone was introduced. It began in San Francisco, but by 2014 it had grown to six times its original size and entered international markets. Not only did it disrupt the transportation industry, it introduced a new kind of business model where workers were contractors and services were available on-demand.

Soon, startups were forming to offer on-demand services for many different industries. Since, some of these startups have been acquired, some have failed, and others are still working towards their dream of becoming the next “Uber for X”.

Though these companies are inspired by Uber, they’re navigating the on-demand marketplace in different ways and evolving their business models to remain relevant in a very competitive space. For example, some services offer subscriptions or monthly plans.

To give you an idea of how many Uber-like companies are out there, GetVoIP put together this visual on 49 “Uber for X” companies.

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