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In To The Future With The Internet

The Internet seems to have been with us for forever, although for many of us we can just about remember a time when there was no Internet and very basic phones which literally just rang and sent SMS messages to those installed in to your contacts list.

With the Internet developing at such an alarming rate over the years, the sounds of the dialling tone seem like a distant memory, but what does this mean for the future of the Internet?

Picking up speed with 5G

With 4G now being second best to the new out 5G product, it seems inevitable that more enhanced download speeds will be hitting the scene in the near future. With most of the groundwork done, engineering teams around the world are now working tirelessly to make their products the fastest, most affordable and quite literally the best option available on the market.

Although there is still a great deal of controversy in regards to the safety element of using 5G, the concept can still be developed and tweaked further in order to get a safer service which can benefit millions of businesses around the world.

Searching for terms like VPN Veteran DE will ping up results quicker than ever, and connection speeds may be a thing of the past with instant access and no loading screens. Can the Internet ever be that fast? It certainly looks like a possibility.

All in the clouds

The cloud as we know it is rapidly growing in popularity and it saves computer users hundreds in forking out money for external hard drives and ways of storing countless amounts of data needed for both personal and business uses.

The cloud currently has some limitations in regards to charging customers to extend their storage space, however, as the number of users continues to increase at an accelerating pace, the allowances may soon alter to accommodate the growing need for virtual space.

Paper systems are almost a thing of the past so taking the cloud facility in to the workplace can be highly beneficial in keeping costs down and increasing the security of sensitive information.

Creating a whole new world

Did you know that plans are already in place to get some form of Internet running on Mars in order to lay the groundwork for a potential Martian fleet of humans? Incredible isn’t it!

Thinking about the extraordinary steps that have already taken place in the development of the Internet, it comes to no surprise that the concept of extending the human reach to other planets is becoming more than science fiction.

With the Internet having potential reach to other planets in the solar system, it really is a matter of time until quite literally the whole world in online.

Seeing and not just believing

An augmented reality is another popular term for fantasy and science fiction but it could be a reality perhaps in our lifetimes.

Perhaps in its most basic form, an alternate reality of everything cyber could be pieced together, using holograms which are already possible, plus a host of new design concepts which are being dreamt as we speak.

The technological era is gaining momentum all the time and designs can only move forward all the time. We’ve all seen futuristic looking ideas on superhero movies with 3D computer concepts and interactable projections, all this has been created with the future in mind, who’s to say these levels of technology aren’t just round the corner?

Talking to our own watches used to be considered odd, but look at us now!

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