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Top trends in mobile app development in 2017

A survey done by Survey Monkey explains that world revenues from mobile applications area are expected to grow by a jaw-dropping 962.5% between 2011 and 2017 ($8 billion vs. $77 billion). Together with the support for existing and a brand new market to usage levels of apps, the mobile application business are going to be one hundred billion USD business by the end of 2020. With the continual evolution and fast advancement within the field of technology, 2017 is going to be the year of recent surprises in custom mobile application development Dubai. With high apps usage levels, it is often expected that mobile apps are going to be $100 billion+ business by the end of 2020.

Let us have a glance on most vital mobile application development trends to stay updated in 2017:

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1. Mobile web of Things can soar high


Internet of Things (IoT) – connected acquisitions were created across the world in 2015. By 2020 the quantity of connected and separate devices can take a toll of 28 billion dollars. The profits and revenues from IoT business are already rolling high and in next few months some it’ll increase with two-fold. Therefore, the responsibility is currently on developers so as to form applications which might unleash the facility of good device sensors to firmly exchange personal info over Wi-Fi networks.


2. Location-Based Services (LBS) also will grow


Today there’s simple convenience and use of GPS on all mobile devices, therefore, location-based services can begin to evolve additionally. This may provide users time period info or deals in your locality. There are numerous keys as wherever location primarily based services are often enforced and might be place to sensible use that are location-specific payments portals, navigation, retail offers, travel and commercial enterprise and much more. Several leading giants have recently created the large purchase in such service domain and in Beacon technology too. Because the service drains the battery pretty quick it will result in pretty advancements that modify mobile app developers and businesses to flourish in 2017.


3. Security are going to be key


In spite of the technology the planet is booming high and moving ahead at unsafe speed, the safety threats have together accumulated at a similar time. User security authentication is changing into a mandate in most the applications particularly when handling monetary transactions and checking account details. Experts in mobile application development Dubai possess a sturdy application that follows security pointers. The iOS and Android require using additional smaller application permissions model and automatic security updates.


4. Mobile App planning would like Attention


Another mobile application development trend is going to be set by the programmer of development and planning domain. The connection of UI/UX isn’t aiming to decrease anytime sooner. This is often as a result of user-experience that has continuously been the largest issue of in terms of activity and success of a mobile application. Firms excelling in mobile application development Dubai are capitalizing on illustrators, animators, and graphic artists so as to create visually appealing mobile applications.

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