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Why you Cannot Ignore the Importance of Windows 10?

Microsoft has released so many versions of Windows over the years. Many have been considered great in terms of user experience, such as Windows 98, while others have been more successful in terms of having fewer bugs. There are many things that make Windows 10 the best version of Windows in recent years. Whether you are already using it or not, here are some of the main reasons way you cannot ignore it.

1. Microsoft Edge

It is well known that Internet Explorer wasn’t a great competitor in the web browser market. There are still many users who prefer the more conventional interface of IE. Microsoft has retained the browser in Windows 10, while offering something new – Microsoft Edge. What the company has attempted to do is to combine the simplicity and ease-of-use of competitor browsers and the familiarity of IE.

Edge offers several new features that make it more interesting. For example, you can click-and-drag a box over a site and send it to friends. You can also access Cortana from within this browser for purposes like:

  • Scheduling Events
  • Searches
  • Weather information

2. Multitasking

Task View is a new feature within this version of Windows. It allows you to easily multitask and switch between different applications. The feature makes it a breeze to view all the open programs and move between them. Windows 10 further allows you to create and add extra desktops from within Task View. This is beneficial for those users who like to work with multiple screens. It is also good for those who connect a large monitor to a laptop that has a small display.

3. Cortana

Cortana is Microsoft’s popular alternative to Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant and it is available in Windows 10. The AI-based personal assistant can:

  • Learn about your interests based on your likes and dislikes.
  • Suggest news stories that may be of interest to you
  • Come up with restaurants of your interest based on your searches

Cortana has undergone extensive testing to become efficient and a favorite with users.

4. Action Center

Windows 10 also comes with an Action Center. It updates you above all latest changes to settings. This feature also provides you with shortcuts to functions which are frequently used. It can also be customized to your preferences.

Once you start using it, you will find that notifications from many apps are added to it. You can make changes to which apps you want to be alerted about.

5. Simplicity in MS Office Apps

The reason MS Office applications like MS Excel and MS Word become the most popular apps of their kind was because of their ease of use. The popularity of these apps is a contributing factor to the growth of the Windows platform itself. With previous versions of Windows, these applications became too complicated. Many users began finding it difficult to use them, especially due to the loss of similarities with the previous versions.

Microsoft has focused on simplifying its MS Office applications and brings them closer to the older versions. The applications are easier to use and more reliable. The menus and design have become simpler and cleaner in Windows 10.

6. Enhanced Security

Microsoft has taken a big step in security with Windows 10. The OS comes with its own powerful security feature, known as Windows Hello. There is no longer any need to remember your passwords to log in to your system. This system makes use of facial recognition or fingerprints to allow users access to their computer system. You will not have to worry about resetting your passwords if you forget them.

These are just few of the reasons why Windows 10 is such a great OS. If you are using an ASUS device and face issues such as asus smart gesture not working, working with this operating system can help you find easier solutions to such problems.

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