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Four disappointments from iPhone 6

After months of rumors and leaks, when Apple suddenly launched an event date to introduce their biggest development of the decade, everything went stand still. After the launch of iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and 5S, which were all more or less the same, the fans were pretty convinced that there was going to be something revolutionary. They knew that the missing Steve Job’s element in the iPhone technology might never come back, but still the brand would make some drastic changes in the latest installment of the smart phone legacy.


When finally the event happened and was attended by thousands of bloggers from around the world as well as the media, there were obviously some critical analysis that was supposed to happen. For many bloggers like us, the event was nothing but a waste of time. Yes, it was a waste of time for many odd reasons. Firstly the event was too long and it dearly missed the utter capturing of attention like Steve Job did. Secondly, there was nothing on offer that the world would go see and be like: Okay, this is why I will buy the new Apple iPhone 6 from now on. Apple has made no attempt to gain a new market or capture its lost customers with the new iPhone. There were several other disappointments which we will talk about in this blog.

Design and shape

When the previous four iPhones were released, it seemed like the Apple product manager and designer were on a leave. However, with the new iPhone, that fact is now no more. We are seeing some serious changes in design, but that does not resonate with the innovation and mind blowing advancements Apple stands for. The new design looks more like a compressed HTC phone. It does not stand out like the Samsung S6 does from the other phones in the market. The design could have been much better. There is no significant highlight that would mark the exclusivity if you buy this phone. In fact, amateur phone users, until they see the logo, might think that you own an HTC.

Screen size and display

All that time, the iPhone brand stood for a screen size, which was ideal for users and their hands. However, with the flow of the market, Apple suddenly decided to compete with big screen phones and increased its size to that of HTC and LG smart phones and for iPhone 6+ even bigger than a Note phone from Samsung. Where they should have worked was the display, most technology in the market is now going to Ultra High Definition display in every phone while Apple is still stuck even less than 1080p.


The smart way to sell something less is to term it fancy. This is what Apple has done, the new iPhone will only have an 8 MP camera, whereas its competition has already crossed the mark of 12MP and 13MP, only that the Apple has given it a fancy name of iSight. It really doesn’t matter how this technology works, but the functional value is still less than what can be bought in the market with the same kind of money.

No increase in RAM

Apple did not really boast about the increase in Ram, so we are assuming that where the market is now shifting towards a 2GB RAM, it is persistent with only the processing speed and not the RAM.

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