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Awesome Concept Gadgets That Can Soon Be Reality

The 21st century really is the time of cool gadgets. There are many tech-savvies and aficionados that love these things and will spend a fortune to get their hands on them.

Here is a list of cool things that can emerge in the next few years! For more of these, find gadgets here.

A device that translates animal thoughts into human language

Everyone loves pets! Whether we are speaking of dogs, or cats, or snakes, spiders, whatever! They can be a very important part of our lives, and we are definitely important in their whole lives!

There isn’t an animal lover on the planet who hasn’t wished to talk to the animals. This idea has occurred so many times in different TV shows. Well, this Dr. Doolittle experience may be available to everyone pretty soon.


  • Caring for our pets: know exactly what your pets want and what they feel. Have an even stronger connection.
  • Scientific experiments: we will finally understand the ways in which animals communicate and how wide (or narrow) the gap between our brains actually is.
  • Make a better world: we will be able to make a better harmony with animals and share this planet better together.

The pen printer

Office workers will know how annoying printing can be. A lot of standing up, sitting down, waiting for your turn, having no space on the desk… These are just some of the nuisances that happen every day.

The pen printer could jump in to save the day! As the name suggests, it is a printer the size of a pen! The concept has already been made, all we need to do is wait a little bit longer.


  • Portable: you can bring a printer with yourself any time and everywhere!
  • Free space: a printer of this size will definitely take as little office space as possible. Plus, it’s light and easy to dispose of.
  • Time-saving: print anytime you want – it’s your own printing device!

A pen that transcribes your singing into a score

Speaking of pens – a truly magnificent innovation for all music lovers will soon be a thing.

With this pen, people will have the possibility to put the music which is inside of their heads onto a ‘paper’ instantly! Just sing or hum whatever music happens to be going through your head at the moment, and everything will be memorized and translated into a music score!


  • Instant: hum the melody and it will be written down. This way you won’t forget it by the time you finish writing it down by hand.
  • No musical education is needed: as many people have no idea how to read notes, this won’t be a problem when trying to write the music down.
  • New composers: connected to the previous sentence, more and more people will be able to produce music pieces and share them with the world.

A transparent TV screen

Transparent TVs are the next best thing to hologram technology (Iron-man stuff). Although not a new concept, as this idea has been around for many, many years, in the future we can expect really cool TVs that will make your home better.


  • Aesthetics: this TV can be placed anywhere in the room, and when turned off, it won’t be seen at all.
  • Office: a transparent TV will definitely be in handy in the office. TVs can be placed in the middle of the office, and all the coworkers will still be able to see each other through it.
  • Gaming: a lot of e-sports tournaments are happening recently, and if the players used transparent screens, fans will be able to catch their reactions for an even better experience.

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