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Circleboom vs ManageFlitter – Which is the Best Twitter Unfollow Tool/App

Social media plays a very important role in our society. And Twitter is no doubt a well spread and highly regarded social media website. From people to organizations and brands, all use Twitter. It plays a key role in their overall development.

One of the most important reasons to why we choose social media is for its reach. The audience that we can reach through social media, we probably will never reach in our real, non-virtual life. Too much of anything is bad, and so too much of social media is also wrong, but does that mean that your experience needs to be a bad one?

Hence, to help your social media experience, enrich it for your own good and to give you more power and add dynamics to your Twitter experience, several tools develop – ManageFlitter and CircleBoom. ManageFlitter was a growth service that was shut down recently, so if you’re seeking to read ManageFlitter review, better to find its best alternatives.

If you are worried of the clutter your individual or business account is from all the spammers and inactive users that you follow – you are here to read about the best twitter unfollow tool – CircleBoom

Why do you need such an app/tool?

1. Business

If you are a brand, you use Twitter to engage with your customer base. And it is really important to know if your customer base is engaged with the content that you post or not. Tools like these help you by providing a list of people who unfollowed you which helps in improvement of your online content and presence and also clear the clutter that your businesss has been following uncessarily by using twitter unfollow tool of CircleBoom.

It also aids by suggestions on who to follow, when to post and which audience needs more specific tweets. All in all, it is your guide to having more followers and making sure that they stay.

2. Personal use

Even if you use Twitter for personal use, we got your back. If you have off late followed a lot of people who adds least value to your twitter profile, twitter unfollow tool helps you unfollow them to create your better image infront of your followers.

Why is CircleBoom better than ManageFlitter?

1. Unfollow

It might often happen that there are some people who reach out to you to increase their following and does not likely return the favour by following you back. Well then, with Circleboom’s twitter unfollow tool you might filter these selfish people out of your profile – the spammers, inactive users, the ones who don’t follow you back and everyone else who you don’t want in your profile to make it a clutter.

Why do you need to unfollow people on twitter?

A lot of people on the social media platform are there just for the sake of being there and the other don’t put in any valuable feed or tweet. And their presence in your profile does nothing good to your social media presences excepting to increase your number of followers. So it’s better to hit the unfollow button for such Inactives, Spammers, Eggheads and similar with the best twitter unfollow tool – CircleBoom! It comes with some extra add ones which certainly makes it better than Manageflittr, like:

First, Once in a while if you wish to if you wish to remove all the accounts that you have whitelisted, there’s this “Remove All” button present for you.

Second, It has a faster load time for profiles with higher number of followers like approx less than 15 minutes for more than 250k followers.

2. Follow

CircleBoom entails a dedicated number of tools like Smart search tool or hashtag keyword Search to help you find the right target audience for you to follow or add them to your twitter lists. Now you will not have to dedicate your valuable time searching for people with mutual interests to follow them on Twitter, because CircleBoom will ensure that the process for you is buttery smooth! The time is here when you should ‘grow your circle’ and rightfully flaunt it in the crowd.

3. Search Via Hashtags/Keywords

CircleBoom and Manageflitter both of them entails a feature known ‘smart search’ which lets you search a particular hashtag or keyword that might be either trending or can be a part of someone’s tweets which you are looking for. However the difference between the two is that CircleBoom also filters the hashtags among the millions to help you reach the relevant profiles.

Another plus to this user-friendly software, is its “Grid Power Search” which filters while you are typing and also manages to save your search history to give you an easy revisit on your previous searches.

4. Schedule Tweets

A lot of times it gets difficult to hit the tweet button when most of your followers are engaged and there are high chnaces that you get the most number of retweets at that particular time. CircleBoom again pledges to resolve this misery with its fabulous feature – “Smart Tweet”. You just have to write you tweet with the write content ofcourse, select the time at which you want it to get posted and then Boom! CircleBoom will get it posted just at the right time and will also keep a track of all your posted items!

On the other hand, with Manageflitter the same feature is called as ‘Power Post’ where you can schedule your tweets and also post some suggested content that they provide. However, CircleBoom is still recommended because of its extremely economical nature for the same and so much extra set of features!

5. Twitter Analytics

If you value your twitter page, then you should definitely opt for the best and the cheapest Twiter Unfollow Tool, CircleBoom. CircleBoom provides one with all recent posts and analytics of your account. Each post has the potential to be viral, and CircleBoom provides you with a deep insight on the tweets that you need to keep on improving posts and generate better content on your Twitter page. It gives you a big list with graphs on your twitter page. It is like a school report card for your twitter account.

6. Cost

Now when it comes to it, what is the price of CircleBoom?

While on one side Manageflitter, and similar apps cost around $12 to $50 and even more for personal use or professional use in a company, CircleBoom is highly cost effective and believes that everyone deserves to use good products and thus challenges the market with less than the half of what other similar products demand. The pricing plans of CircleBoom begin with $4.5 – Unbelievable but true!

Below there are two pictures of both the softwares with their respective pricing plans, highlighted the beginning plans in red – So now you know which one to pick?

7. User Interface

Now, the User Interface (UI) of any software is very important. Too difficult to understand, people will not like the tool. Too flashy or not pretty and you might be not interested to use the software at al. CircleBoom has a very unique User Interface. It is engaging and very easy to understand. This, is another reason why we recommend CircleBoom and claim that it is a lot better than manageflitter.

8. The Free Version is here to remain!

CircleBoom believes everyone has the right to use good tools with better features and hence unlike any other software the free version will always be available for you, however it entails itself with some minor limitations. So if you fed up of your twitter appearance and want to filter out the fake users or spammers it’s time to use the best bets twitter unfollow tool – CircleBoom!

With this, I would like to conclude that with such brilliant features all wrapped into one and such cheap product pricing, CircleBoom seems to be the best Twitter Unfollow Tool that is available in the market. And to add, it is definitely way better than ManageFlitter in all aspects of the job and promises a better return on its purchase.

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