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Published on February 19th, 2020 | by Katherine Joseph


7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Beijing

Beijing is a somewhat large city. It isn’t tall, as New York, however, spreads like a metal fan over the earth. It is frequently connected with large groups, exhaust cloud, and concealment. So, for what reason would it be a good idea for you to adore this city? Why visit or concentrate abroad here?

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There is something many refer to as history. If you like knowing little realities about the past, Beijing is a cornucopia of pleasure for you. I realize history is all over. However, Beijing is unique in that it has been a city for more than 3,000 years, the capital of an always amazing China, and was the capital of two of China’s most important traditions: The Ming and the Qing. Beijing doesn’t merely have a history – it has been the focal point of history in China for many years. However, travelling requires certain essentials such as earphones or health related products. You can find out more about it on

1. Beijing is the city soaked in History:

Beijing had just been well known during the Warring States time frame (475 BC – 221 BC) when Beijing was a capital city of a realm named the Yan Kingdom. After the Yan Kingdom, five new traditions manufactured their capitals in the present Beijing, including the Liao, Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties. In this way, Beijing is a city loaded with culture and custom. Presently authentic destinations, for example, Nanluoguxiang, the Forbidden City, Ming Tombs, the Great Wall, Beihai Park and the Summer Palace from the Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties are proof that recount to the accounts of the past.

2. Exploring old Beijing culture is worth it:

The most distending delegates of Old Beijing society are Beijing’s hutongs and yard houses, which are principally situated around the Forbidden City. Shichahai and Qianmen are places where visitors generally visit to investigate Old Beijing society by visiting hutongs and yard houses. Shichahai hutongs were once lived by rich and regal families and are presently a thought land for a walk around the morning or the evening.

3. Beijing travel – Religion an essential part:

Since it is the capital of China, Beijing has pulled in a wide range of household and remote religions to settle here, including Taoism, Buddhism, Christianity, Catholicism and Muslim. The White Cloud Temple is a Taoist sanctuary, Tanzhe Temple and Yonghegong Lama Temple (Tibetan Buddhism) are Buddhist sanctuaries, Chongwenmen Church is the biggest Methodist church in Beijing, and Beijing Niujie Muslim Mosque is the delegate of Muslim in Beijing. Thus, you don’t need to stress over venerating your divine beings in your outing here.

4. The Great Wall of China:

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Since Beijing was previously the city flanking the northern clans which regularly attacked China in history, numerous segments of the Great Wall had been worked to keep the trespassers from the north. Presently you can take the transport or drive vehicle setting off from downtown Beijing to these areas, investigate the greatness of the remaining parts of the Great Wall. Segments, for example, Badaling, Mutianyu, Juyongguan, Huanghuashui, Jiankou and Simatai are places where visitors ordinarily travel to, in whatever season that settles in Beijing. Jiankou is a wild segment and is cherished by climbers and picture takers.

5. Delicious cuisines that cannot be missed:

Beijing is a blend for Chinese nourishment even though it despite everything jam its flavour. In Beijing, one of the most acclaimed nourishments is Peking Duck, which is fundamentally cooked by Quanjude, Bianyifang and Dadong. A few explorers visiting Beijing want to have a sample of Beijing’s hot pot since it makes them feel good inside and soul during the virus winter. Supposedly, you have two options. One is Hai Di Lao, an excellent café including a hot pot with excellent assistance and a meal like hot pot toppings determination process. The other is Nan Men Shuan Rou, which utilizes conventional Beijing hot pot product (copper product) to bubble sheep and vegetables. Eating hot pot truly makes you feel great inside during this season.

6. Beijing a place full of modern art?

Beijing permits artisans to make their craftsmanship in specific regions of the city. The most popular craftsmanship region is the 798 Art District, where several artistry studios remain to invite travellers. Also, you can experience numerous work of art, including models and spray painting while at the same time meandering its streets. Furthermore, Cao Chang Di and Dagaocun are other two craftsmanship locale inviting guests.

7. The Olympic spirit still shines in Beijing:

The recreation centre is situated on Subway Line 8. Getting off at Olympic Park Station, you will go to the recreation centre, where you will see the Bird’s Nest and the Water Cube. It is a vast region where tons of visitors visit every day. What’s more, you can likewise stroll to the Olympic Forest Park in the north. It is a spot appropriate for running.


The most suggested biking visit is one around the Shichahai hutong zone. However, numerous individuals ride their bicycles to multiple destinations, for example, the Great Wall and Chaobai River on the edges of Beijing. The most popular slopes Beijing highlights for harvest time travel are the Fragrant Hills situated toward the northwest of the Summer Palace. In any case, you can visit it in winter. This park is acclaimed for the delightful view of maple leaves and precious woods. The one that follows its stride is the Beijing Botanical Garden, where you won’t just observe perfect blossoms. However, you will step into the core of nature.

A wide range of plants can be something worth investigating. The nightlife heaven in Beijing is most likely found in Sanlitun. The two local people and outsiders visit that zone every single night. Drinking outside mixed refreshments is conceivable here. Other nightlife lands incorporate Laoshe Teahouse, Red Theater and Huguang Guild Hall, where well-known Chinese works of art can be completely experienced. Numerous individuals visiting Beijing love Chinese tea, and Laoshe Teahouse is the most prescribed one.

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