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Security Gadgets or Systems: What do you need to stay safe and secure in the Indian Residential Society!

Security is the main concern for every individual, especially when they have a family. But in a residential society of more than 200+ flats and with thousands of people entering the premises, it becomes very difficult to handle and protect security.

Security gadgets and security systems they both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages when used in the Indian residential societies. But which one to go for? Which one provides more security? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of them? The answers to all these questions will be answered in the following article.

Usage of security gadgets in a residential society

  • Type

Gadgets are really hardwired devices which have to be installed or set up physically. Since they are connected via wires it is very easy for a burglar to disable the gadget and intrude your home.

  • Usage

As they are fixed gadgets it requires you to be present physically for it to work. They cannot be accessible from anywhere or at any time.

  • Communication

This is a single way communication, the resident shouldn’t have to raise an alarm in case of an emergency. The device will automatically detect the crime and alert the owner in such cases.

  • A false sense of security

Some gadgets do not even work and can fail or even result in false alarms providing you a false sense of security that your home is being protected.

  • Cost

These systems, in general, are expensive because of the hardware device that it comes with. Apart from this, you need to purchase multiple devices for different security purposes.

  • Maintenance cost

If there is any slight damage in the gadget, then this will cost you more than what it took you to install it.

  • Non-comprehensive

Different devices serve different security purpose like fire detectors which detects any smoke or fire in the house, visitor management system used for managing the entries/exits of visitors only. They do not come as a single device with all the features.

Advantages of security gadgets

  • No need for alerting
  • Home automation

Disadvantages of security gadgets

  • Not comprehensive
  • High cost
  • False security
  • Easy to disable

Usage of the security system in a residential society

  • Type

Since most of the security systems are application or software based they are very easy to deploy and do not require any bulky hardware or infrastructure to be installed, all you need is a simple smartphone for mobile-based residential security system.

  • Usage

Since these systems can be accessed by a smartphone they can be used and accessed from anywhere and at any time.

  • Communication

It is two-way communication between the guard and the resident. Here the resident needs to raise an alarm upon which the security guard will take immediate reaction.

  • Sense of security

The system is handled by both humans as well as technology which ensures that there is no chance of any false or fake alarms generated.

  • Cost

The system is designed for the community/society as a whole but not as a single home. So the overall cost might be huge but since it is used by more than 200+ flats the cost will cut down to a reasonable one.

  • Maintenance cost

If there are any maintenance issues like the app stopped working, in such cases, the support team will take care and resolve your issue in no time.

  • Comprehensive

These are like a comprehensive system which provide you with multiple features to serve every security purpose in all possible cases.

Advantages of security systems

  • Accessible from anywhere
  • No false alerts
  • Comprehensive system
  • Low cost

Disadvantages of security systems

  • Frequent add ons

Anyhow, the advantages of security systems are more when compared to the security devices. But in the end, the decision depends on you and the society security needs. Hope the article answered the questions you were looking for.

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