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Code like A Pro: Mobile App Development Best Practice Tips

Starting your development career with a “Hello World” page sounds OK, if you will quickly wrap your curiosity and put it good use of advance Mobile application development training. Getting your SDK, runtime environment and photoshop aren’t enough to practice well. Every Time you sit to train, you urge for some tools that can exponentially increase your productivity and efficiency. But, here are some steps, which you need to keep on your daily list, to be a Pro one day.


Documenting a project is as crucial as deploying it live. The research, implementations, failures, new ways found, do’s and Don’ts are all part of the documentation. Apps never run as you see on those fanatical mobile application development training online classes. But they do, if you keep documenting and rectifying every small factor that influence your development process.

So, document every error and success with as neat details as possible. Remember, the code is not alone, there are special augmented SDKs, database linking and versions which must be noted with what the algorithm that worked. Taking the maximum out of your experiments makes you the best coder of the future.

Selecting Your Device

Selecting your device is a tough job. Developers at global mobile manufacturers are trying to fit so many features in sleek devices with less prices. So, selecting a device that can give you an idea about how it will look and perform makes sense. Go for a mid range device that is not dazzled with a largely modified skin of the original mobile OS. This makes, flashing and rooting devices, easier.

When it comes to windows, i always go for Nokia made lumia 620. It has just enough specifications to handle the infinite loops but falls in the mid-range category in terms of hardware usage for most of end users. Most developers loves Android. So, using any phone with 1.5 GB RAM and with a processing speed upto 1.75 Ghz will get it done for most devices.

Get Engaged at Stack Overflow, XDA and Github

Your best forums for most kind of mobile OS are these three. Throw, any condition specific problem in their community and you will surely get the best possible solutions and even some supplementary advises and potholes to avoid for free.

If you think, these forums are too high for your level and instead need some basic guide blog for the starting days, Tutsplus is your friend you are looking for. It has guide to almost all the phases of development within different OS.

Bind Repetitive codes

Functions that are needed frequently in a program must be kept in a package and called dynamically. Giving space on the main code will create redundancy and error prone code. Even one package can save a complete second when compiled, and debugged for final execution.

So, keep the codes bundled in separate singular files without hampering the performance. You must have the least number of files required in the Root folder to run an App smoothly.

Find New Libraries Everyday

Practicing what you know will automatically turn your mind to know more. Try to find one new library everyday, but don’t get distracted as it may hamper your ultimate aim of learning codes. No matter what platform you choose, you will always have some new database of information waiting to be unpacked and explored. For instance, Android alone can be enhanced so much by the Java libraries, even the most prolific minds couldn’t explore. You can even be the first one to use a library first time ever, to make your envisage happen.

Check Resources Everyday

Keep your resources up-to-date and check them for new upgradations daily. For instance, if you want to do mobile application development training online within Android, your SDK and Arduino won’t be enough. Make sure you have ready to use tools that can decrease your compilation and debugging time.

In future, you will be building apps for new devices with new technologies, so it’s mandatory to keep pushing yourself everyday and learning new techniques for mobile application development. Make sure, your learning adds to your portfolio of a great mobile app developer.




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