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Construction Documentation: Basic Management Tips

Managing construction documentation is not as difficult as it might seem at first. First of all, it is worth figuring out how to do it correctly, using just a few tips. To start with, take a closer look at the top-priority approach that is based on the digital-friendliness of the corporate and in-house systems. For example, construction pricing software (read here) can come in handy when it comes to document management and its improvements.

8 Hot-Topic Tips for Contractors for Construction Management Improvement

Take a closer at other recommendations that will help you enhance paperwork, workflows, and other operations for all the construction phases including pre-construction and post-construction stages.

1. Appoint a Leader

The appointed person responsible for summing up the documentation report must be able to competently and accurately manage all documentation. In addition, it is necessary to establish certain standards that every employee of the company will comply with.

The documentation officer controls the work of document exchange, and the system’s operation, and monitors its compliance with the needs of the company. It is worth noting that all the responsibilities should be shared proportionally. It means that not only leaders but common employees should know their rights and responsibilities.

2. Analyze Systematically

Each system must answer several questions regarding the exchange and functionality of documentation in circulation. Evaluation of the system and its analysis will help:

  • improve the performance of the system;
  • increase the level of resistance to errors and imperfections;
  • enhance the quality of the operational work;
  • level up workflows and paperwork in the context of reports.

All the reports should be based on the analytical work presented at various stages of construction. It is worth noting that your historical data also matters and should be taken into account for decision-making.

3. Listen to Feedback

By analyzing the feedback of your customers, you can organize the work of the document management system, reducing the response time. In addition, the level of economic efficiency will increase, due to increased productivity. This provides an opportunity to identify weaknesses, correct them, and direct the improvement process to a higher level of customer service.

4. Use Dedicated Software

The use of the best-matching software allows you to store and manage all documentation in the cloud which anyone from your team can access. This makes it possible to systematize and put in order all documents and improve the system. Additional advantages of the software include the ability to manage tenders, and other projects, and edit reports.

5. Optimize the Process

For the smooth operation of the system, it is necessary to use only correct and reliable information. For this, a large amount of data is processed. Automation of information processing helps to reduce the burden on the person responsible for this procedure and gives greater accuracy in its analysis.

6. Create a Favorable Working Environment

The records manager should develop a single workflow that will incorporate company practices. A scheme should be developed for updating the system and conducting regular checks on notifications and system permissions.

7. Evaluate the Performance of the Company

The culture of work must always be maintained at the proper level, otherwise, the document management system will lose its effectiveness. Each employee should know why document control is so essential and adhere to established standards, thereby the gap between the end of the project and the budget will be significantly reduced.

8. Improve Processes Regularly

Constantly evaluate the performance of the systems you work with. Each employee should take part in solving certain issues, and offer their options for improving the company. Experiment and make adjustments.

Final Word

Use only the solution that is most beneficial for your company. Develop a strategy and stick to the rules you set. Meet people who will bring you income or help you improve the process of developing a project. Progress smoothly with the help of digital-friendly solutions like construction estimating software and other tools that can integrate into your existing corporate ecosystems.

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