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Published on February 18th, 2019 | by Sumit Bhowal


GIF Chrome Extension for Collecting Best Moments from Adult Videos

Google Chrome offers lot many extensions to make the browsing experience enjoyable for the end user. Also, there are extensions provided for the designers and SEO specialists to help them in their jobs. One such extension is “NSFW gif maker”. This tool is a simple browser extension for creating NSFW gifs from videos online. There are lots of videos uploaded on a regular basis which are of NSFW nature. These videos and MMSs leaked over internet or recorded for entertaining purpose can now be converted into GIF material.

How it is made possible?

Starters in the field of making GIFs need a readymade tool that can help them collect and use the material available over the web. Going through each and every material is not possible practically. Thus, an automated tool like “NSFW gif maker” is one of the most sought after tools useful for saving and collecting GIFs online.

Use of GIF maker in adult entertainment

GIF makers can offer immediacy in adult entertainment by picking the best moments that occur in a private space. Gone are the days when one used to struggle through words to put the emotion forth; with the GIF maker in hand, you can replace the words with a powerful one-sec moment that is certainly going to be more impactful.

So, GIF makers leverage the entertainment quotient of adult world in creating short moments and develop consumable materials such as:

  1. Social media posts
  2. WhatsApp messages
  3. Instagram posts and others.

How NSFW GIF maker works

NSFW GIF maker browses through the list of videos you have created in your viewing library. Once you have selected the video, you can set the GIF duration. Then, you select the moment from the video which you want to convert into GIF. This is all you do to make GIF out of NSFW video. You simply select the material, and its portions and the duration. Rest all is done by the GIF maker tool available as extension in Chrome at URL:

This extension is free and makes your life pretty easier as an entertainment maker for the patrons of adult material.

To know the GIF making process in detail, see the following video tutorial.

Best advantages of GIF maker for NSFW material

GIF maker for NSFW content is the most convenient thing that could happen to a content curator. It helps the content developer in following ways:

  1. This GIF maker offers the flexibility to have access to lot many NSFW sites without moving from one window to another. Thus, all material is made available to you at one place.
  2. This tool is fast. You can go through the video as fast as possible and pick the moments and create GIFs out of them in barely few minutes. Thus, you can have an unending bank of content.
  3. The GIF maker enables the user to meet the deadlines easily as most of the job is done by this tool.

So, learn using this tool at the earliest and install it to fulfill the requirements of time-pressed assignments you get to work upon as an NSFW content curator and developer.

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