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8 Surprising Benefits of CMMS and What They Can Offer To Your Business

This is computerized maintenance management software that has been adopted by institutions and businesses so as to achieve maximum productivity, and gain maximum revenue. It involves maintaining a computerized database of information related to the operations of your company that are stored in the cloud. It’s adopted by many because it is less time-consuming, and saves on paperwork. It also eliminates errors. The truth is, you get less maintenance cost. This software has consolidated functionality, and is feature-rich with return on investment (ROI). Maxpanda facility management software enables your designated staff to submit their requests directly to the system. They receive emails regarding the status of the work submitted. The software will prioritize the work submitted as per the type, SLA (service leveled agreement) and frequency. It helps managers to effectively execute an asset management strategy. They have benefits that only other businesses with experience can give a testimony about.

1. Visibility

According to CMMS has great visibility of your company. Transparency is ensured since you don’t get to doctor any information filled by a client from anywhere. Transparency is the key to winning your employees’ trust and credibility. No one shall feel discriminated against at any given moment. It ensures control while working on individual tasks, assignments and deadlines. Nothing is overlooked. It always has a standby report on the proceedings of the company. It ensures labor productivity. This is because divisibility of labor is done by the software. It distributes everything equally depending on urgency. You can always track your employees with this software. It will clearly give you standby reports on company’s assets, ongoing repairs, completed tasks, and next tasks. This planning and work tracking is for the purpose of efficiency. Managers can concentrate on other assignments, and complete them without interruptions.

2. Maintenance

The software has been programmed in a way that it can arrange repairs according to priority and urgency. Repairs of important issues will always appear at the top. Unregistered users will log their work through a portal created for them. It has an automatic notification. It can also save you on maintenance costs across the board. This helps you know and monitor progress of work efficiency. This software program is ideal for large firms and companies like schools.

3. Risk reduction

You need to make sure your assets are regularly locked and maintained. CMMS features cover different areas. These areas include; work permits, risk management, safety instructions, and safety standards. So in the event of any substandard item, the software will raise alarm. It will ensure that you take keen interest in risk reduction. This is achieved by the fact that the software can raise alarm if any safety mechanism is overlooked, or is pausing a potential threat.

4. History storage

Human memory is not reliable to store information. It can forget a lot of things. The problem is the part accountable for remembering may not remember information when it’s crucially needed. The human memory is biased on storing data. The CMMS software will store all work done. Each employee has his or her own unique record and labor hours. You may fire an employee or he or she may resign on personal issues like medical matters. In this circumstance, should the employee go with the company’s information? This is why human memory is unreliable. The employee may go, or may not show up at work but the information will be intact in the database system. When you get a new employee, he or she may need previous intel so that he or she can continue from where his or her predecessor left. This software will bring the new employee up to speed; thus saving a lot of time. Assume the information was being stored by human memory; whenever you go, the company has nothing to give.

5. Reports and analysis

You may need data when you are in a meeting. The CMMS software will enable you to pull up and recover data quickly, and use it for whatever you want. The reports will shed more light on downtime. You will get to determine the acceptable downtime, and set it on the software. When there is unacceptable downtime, you will definitely receive a notification. Regular inspections can be put in place to provocatively reduce downtime going forward. You will also be able to know and realize any chronic problem. This is made simple because it will be on the report.

6. Cost

You will be able to know all the labor and miscellaneous expenses that are logged when maintenance work orders are being completed. As you log in, it’s already disbursing the duty to someone else. CMMS becomes a central database for all related expenses. This is way easier for you than trolling receipts. You will be able to generate a budget from this central database.

7. Purchasing and notifications

The software will enable you create a purchasing module. Purchased parts and supplies can be under one roof while keying in the database system. The system with mechanisms like barcodes and QR scanner will ensure that there are no excess parts or duplicates of what is already available. It will stop you from reordering since you will just generate a report from the system, and know what is missing and what’s in plenty. Real time alerts can be sent from the building control monitoring room via the CMMS when the system is breached. It will notify and raise an alarm. CMMS triggers and spikes the alarm, which in turn notifies and gives the corrective maintenance required.

8. Audit and compliance

Safety procedures in all jobs ensure awareness of risks. Fire equipment inspections can be tracked in the CMMS. This software ensures organization within the system, which is compliant and ready for those audits. As a company, this organization will bring about easy and quick workflow. The division of labor can also encourage flexibility of your workers, to ensure delivery of services is attained at all costs. You will have effectiveness and efficiency in your company, thanks to CMMS. You also reduce high dependency on memory. Moreover, as it reduces cost, you in turn get more revenue for your company.

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