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Call Center Analytics and How it can Transform the Business

Call centers help organizations to provide and manage customer support at a bigger scale. Therefore, to provide excellent service and generate maximum ROI, call centers must strike a balance between resources utilized and support provided. Call center business leaders can use analytics to help improve efficiency and enhance revenue. Call center analytics is the process of analyzing the data from call centers to produce insights on essentials KPIs such as the number of calls, efficiency, employee performance, and customer satisfaction. Leaders can use analytics tools to generate optimum performance at every level of the process.

Traditionally, a floor manager would only have a limited view of the whole operation as it includes a number of agents handling a large number of calls with only a few escalating to the managers. Due to this many opportunities for improvement are lost unknowingly.

The new-age call centers are taking a 360-degree approach and using predictive call center analytics to view the process from 3 different points of view including customer, employee, and business leader. There are multiple ways of utilizing analytics based on each call center’s need, here are a few ways:

Call Center Speech Analytics

With so many calls taking place every second, the ability to monitor them in real-time can be groundbreaking. Leaders can use the new-gen speech analytics and reaping many benefits to improve their business. Call-centers can find their current system’s inefficiencies, make new strategies in terms of call scripts, or following specific steps to achieve better results.

Call Center Text Analytics

More and more companies are getting on with their social media game as this new age and technology savvy customers are on it and are now communicating through social media channels. The customers are interacting through emails, social media channels, messages, and other mediums making text analytics extremely important. Leaders can utilize text analytics to monitor and analyze the messages being sent both ways to the customers and the companies. Through this, they can identify and understand any unseen issues from the customer’s perspective.

Predictive Analytics

Machine learning and data science can unearth valuable new opportunities and provide insights to outsmart competitors. It can analyze historical data on call volume, service type, handle time, customer satisfaction level, and much more generate predictive insights. Leaders can identify resource needs, the potential number of call volumes, and how a new launch can impact it, and much more. Call centers can see potential outcomes and make strategies to improve every facet of the business.

Call Center Desktop Analytics

Call centers can use desktop analytics along with real-time analytics to monitor calls, find issues, enhance security, and identify improvement areas for employees. Having complete knowledge of how the agent is using his desktop other than monitoring his call, managers can find out the efficiency level and know if the systems are working properly. Through this, many process improvements can be made, and repeated tasks can be reduced

Self-service Analytics

It has been identified that instead of calling and getting any specific detail changed in a person’s profile, through the self-service facilities, users can themselves make accurate changes. This helps the call-centers in multiple ways like reducing the number of calls, costs, and errors. This makes the complete process hassle-free and convenient.

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