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Published on November 8th, 2022 | by Bibhuranjan


VR Technology In The Adult Industry – What Makes it Attractive to Men?

If you know one thing about straight men, it’s that they love curvy features on women. While there are plenty of “ass” men out there, it seems the vast majority love a woman with some extra weight on top. Busty chests are always attractive, and it seems like a little cleavage is enough to turn even the most pious man into a feral, lustful animal.

But why is that the case? Why are big breasts such an alluring feature – enough that men will often ignore anything else, including a toxic personality? Why is bouncing tits VR such a hot-ticket item? And how does this relate to VR technology?

If you’ve ever been curious about the answer to this question, we’ve discovered everything you need to know about men and breasts. Let’s get titty-uh, busy.

The Psychology of Big Breasts and Attraction

Because humans are complex creatures, it’s impossible to narrow down this attraction to a single cause. However, there are many leading theories as to what happens in the brain when confronted with some massive mammaries. Here are our top picks:

  • Boobs and Fertility – At the end of the day, people are animals and partly driven by animal instinct. One of those instincts is to reproduce, and the thinking goes that bigger breasts are more capable of sustaining children. Not only is it easier for babies to suckle at a larger boob, but more fat tissue also signifies that the woman is potentially better off nutritionally.
  • Boobs and Sexual Arousal – Although doggy style is a relatively popular position, most people have sex face-to-face. So, the breasts are in full view at least part of the time while couples are knocking boots. This correlation between boobs and sexual intercourse is a big reason why men view cleavage as a sexual turn-on.
  • Boobs and Cultural Differences – In most cultures, big breasts are naturally more desirable than smaller ones. However, some cultures prefer the opposite. So, there is at least some influence of one’s national heritage and upbringing that can come into play.
  • Boobs and Matriarchal Tenderness – We were once all babies, and most of us breastfed as infants. Even as we grew up into adolescents, the breasts were still a big part of our interactions with our mothers. Just a simple hug puts us in direct contact with these mammaries. So, on some level, bigger boobs are more accommodating, and they’re more likely to remind us of the nostalgia of childhood. That emotion can be powerful, especially when discussing intimacy.

How Do Women Feel About Big Boobs?

Although men are often the most attracted to larger breasts, women can also feel things when staring at a well-endowed chest. However, as the owner of boobs, they have much more multifaceted feelings toward them, such as:

  • Fashion Accessories – When a woman buys new clothing, she has to pay attention to her bust size for both practical and fashionable reasons. On the one hand, any clothing has to be large (or small) enough to accommodate her chest. On the other hand, if she’s trying to look her best, she may want to accentuate her breasts. However, she may also cover them to avoid unwanted attention.
  • Caregivers – Any woman who has breastfed a baby knows that their boobs are for more than just playing with or showing off. As literal life-givers, they’re far more important than many men may realize.
  • Sensual Pleasure Zones – The amount of pleasure a woman can experience in her breasts varies from one person to the next. Some women may love having their nipples sucked while others couldn’t care less. Also, if the boobs are fake, they may not offer as much sensation as they would when they were all-natural.

But, what about seeing big boobs on another woman? For the most part, ladies don’t really pay attention unless someone has theirs on display. Also, the context and mood matter more than the breasts themselves. For example, seeing big boobs in the locker room may not register for a woman, but seeing them in an adult film may spark something deep inside.

The Bottom (Top?) Line

As a rule, men let their attraction toward women override their common sense. Because boobs are an essential part of sex (at least visually speaking), seeing them tends to put men in the mood, even if momentarily.

Basically, boobs can hijack the brain, so larger breasts can take up more gray matter than smaller ones. Regardless of the subconscious reasons, men tend to view breasts as sexual, no matter what. That’s why busty models on sites like SexLikeReal tend to get the most clicks.

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