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Published on February 10th, 2020 | by Ali Dino


What are the Best Wallets For Keeping Ripple?

Ripple is significantly growing day by day, and in less than a year, its valuation shot from $0.001 to $1. That sounds good for the stock market business, right? Click here for much crypto news if you want to keep up with such trends and improve the decisions you make on cryptocurrency.

So, how can you securely store Ripple and make sure that it retains its value with standard market value? Remember, an excellent wallet should provide you with an avenue to save transfer and spend your cryptocurrency like any other monetary value.

With the rising value of Ripple, you’ll need a secure and private hexadecimal code alongside a public key to manage the currency effectively. Here are some of the best wallets for keeping Ripple safe:

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  • Rippex

If you need ultimate control of your Ripple wallet at the tap of your finger, then the Rippex desktop wallet will do it right the way you want. After downloading the application, the keys are no longer stored in the website but remotely on your desktop. What further security feature should you look for if not this one? Moreover, for additional security, the login process requires a two-step verification step, which only you can complete. In addition to that, you can exchange your Ripple with fiat currencies like Euro and USD.

  • Edge Wallet

If you want a fully private wallet with no external interface or controls, then Edge Wallet gives the best opportunity. You can get it in the form of an application for both android and iOS. Edge wallet provides an excellent platform for cryptocurrency conversion into fiat currency. It also supports one cryptocurrency conversion to another and a link to other Ripple interfaces. You’ll also not worry about forgetting your password as there is a formidable password recovery option.

  • Gatehub

Gatehub provides a quick and secure way of storing your cryptocurrency in the form of Ripple. Its services range from the simplest trading and buying options to recording and showing all information regarding assets. Moreover, you also get to view all the wallet statistics without physical calculation. In addition to that, Gatehub is just the right wallet for making Ripple instant payments in a simple procedure.

  • Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano S presents a perfect physical way of limiting any threat or attempt of cybercriminal activities on your wallet. The best thing about it is that you’ll store as much Ripple coins as you want without any restrictions. This option gives you a hardware wallet, and therefore it makes it one of the safest and the simplest wallets to use in the industry. Moreover, you’ll have a separate display LED screen that displays all the transactions and account activities.

  • Atomic Wallet

The atomic wallet allows you to download and store your wallet within your mobile phone or tablet. The atomic wallet also has a wide acceptance within users from the XRP community because of its simplicity. Unlike many online wallets, this option has stood out for many users thanks to its all-in-one non-custody features that make navigation easy. For instance, you can store, transfer, and exchange Ripple under the same account through independently recorded transactions.

  • Cryptonator

If you are looking to perform the other fifteen cryptocurrency transactions alongside Ripple then Cryptonator should make the best choice for you. Actually, Cryptonator is the fastest and most secure way of transferring and exchanging cryptocurrency with fiat currencies like the US dollar. And you know what the best thing about it is? Well, you get to do everything under one account!

  • Exarpy

Finally, here is another warm wallet that you can use to store Ripple. Unlike many ordinary wallets, Exarpy will only go online and connect to the internet when you want to use or transfer funds from it. With this wallet is that you’ll be guaranteed security as the whole thing generates offline, and no login credentials are stored in the server.

Therefore, you’ll be the sole individual with access to the wallet, not even platform providers. Furthermore, the wallet has a user-friendly interface, meaning that you won’t struggle to try to navigate around.

There you have the best wallets that can store your Ripple safely and grant you access to it anytime you need. So, what are you waiting for? Let us make Ripple as great as bitcoin!

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