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Published on February 10th, 2020 | by Ali Dino


Cryptocurrencies That Can Surpass Bitcoins in Future

The stock market is known to make the richest of businessmen across the globe. However, in recent years, cryptocurrency has taken over major investment options. Consequently, many people trade cryptocurrency options with fiat currency like the US dollar.

Cryptocurrency is taking over major stock options as a substantial investment for long-term possibilities. For instance, between the years of 2017 and 2018, cryptocurrency recorded an investment turnaround of more than 4000%. That was an increase from around $17 billion to $774 billion. If you are smart enough, you’ll realize that such a margin is nigh impossible for a typical stock index to record, even within a decade.

Cryptocurrency information from many sources such as XTRgate blog indicates how much investors are in the search for the next giant currency to match bitcoins. Concerning that, for the last one-year stock markets have recorded more than just your typical bitcoin.

There has been a massive rise in various Cryptocurrencies with robust adoption trends. The bitcoin failed to cap its average market value and dropped to 34%. That is a clear indication that other options are rising fast and may soon pose a high competition.

Here are the four Cryptocurrencies that can surpass bitcoins domination soon:

  • Ripple

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Well, Ripple might be the biggest threat to bitcoin, if not the next successor. Ripple has a fantastic blockchain that targets partnerships with the most prominent financial institutions in the region. Ripple boasts of low transaction costs and a faster clearing process when converting cryptocurrency into fiat currency. And do you know what is in store for Ripple?

Just like bitcoin, soon, Ripple will have a listing on the coin base, which is the world’s most sought-after cryptocurrency exchange platform. Moreover, it’s just a matter of time before Ripple could finish all its pilot testing projects and give bitcoin the greatest competition ever!

  • Etherum

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Just like Stellar, Etherum has an incredible blockchain technology that many private companies keep on testing every day. Surprisingly, its blockchain gets acceptable day by day by commanding companies in the industry.

Etherum has an exclusive digital ledger that can facilitate negotiation and execution of a contract thanks to its smart contacts technology. The main reason why Etherum has many testers on board, and will still have millions more is that the contract negotiation interface is user-friendly in terms of efficacy and legal perspective. Therefore, many investors are confident in doing business through Etherum.

However, Etherum testing is still at the pilot stage level, but the inside information has it that the cryptocurrency has more than just bitcoin to offer. Well, let us see how Etherum will rise and become a top form of cryptocurrency!

  • Monero

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Monero is a little player in the market though it has a huge potential to match Ripple and bitcoin. Monero is the leading campaigner for privacy coin, a mode of cryptocurrency transfer that will leave no trace on either side. CryptoNote, one of a kind open-source protocol for Monero, can protect a sender’s anonymity using ring signatures. In other words, there will be multiple signatories to a single account, but it will be impossible to know who transacted at a particular time.

  • Stellar

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Stellar has an exemplary super-fast blockchain technology that no cryptocurrency can imitate so far. For instance, when transacting within Stellar’s network, all transactions take less than five seconds or so to complete. However, it is also important to note that it has an extensive verification process when transacting across borders. You can see this is an added security feature so that your cryptocurrency doesn’t fall to the hands of cybercriminals so easily.

Moreover, Stellar is in the lead to seek multinational partners such as IBM and KlickEx. The sole reason for this is to facilitate a faster and cheaper cross border transaction. In addition to that, such partnerships involve multiple international banks that will see Stellar have a more acceptable blockchain in the South Pacific region.

As you can see, the rally has been beyond that of bitcoin. Major Cryptocurrencies are scaling heights with international financial institutions to create a widely acceptable blockchain. It is high time bitcoin wakes up from the comfort zone and makes its services more valuable than they are now. Maybe it will just bounce back to 100%!

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