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What Industries Use Virtual Reality

While many of us are aware that virtual reality (VR) is being used in the gaming and entertainment industries, many people will be shocked to hear that it is being used across many other different industries, including healthcare, tourism, architecture, and even education. Keep reading below to find out exactly how virtual reality technology is being utilized within these actors.


This technology has made significant strides within the healthcare industry over recent years. For instance, a new form of treatment was recently approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that uses virtual reality to help patients with cognitive behavioral therapy through intense relaxation, attention shifting, and interoceptive awareness. In some instances, virtual reality has been successfully used to relieve pain in burn victims.

The future for virtual reality within the healthcare space has massive potential to not only improve the lives of patients but also those working in it.


While we have all been stuck indoors because of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, there have been serious developments in the tourism industry with the use of virtual reality technology. With flights canceled and tourist destinations shut down, some people have taken to visiting their favorite locations virtually.

With this technology now in place, tourists will be able to try out holiday destinations to see if it is to their taste while sitting at home or in a travel agent’s office. A recent example where holidaymakers were provided with a five-minute virtual reality experience of New York City saw a 190 percent increase in bookings to stay there.

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Virtual reality is already changing the way that architects work. The technology allows them to see exactly what their designs will look like when finished and how certain spaces will feel when you are in them. For instance, if a homeowner wants an extension added to their property, they can see exactly what it will look like both inside and out before a single brick has been laid. This allows for changes to be made easily and cheaply as it is still at the design stage.

While architects have been using three-dimensional (3D) models of their work for some time now, by utilizing this technology they get to take things to the next level. The next time you watch a home design show you may even see it being used.


Virtual reality is already being used by some educational establishments in order to provide their students with a fully immersive learning experience. However, the technology is still in its infancy in this industry and is not being massively utilized. In the future, it has the potential to democratize education by opening up more opportunities for students regardless of their background – this is something that is not currently happening.

For any business operating within these industries that want to make use of the technology themselves, they should get in contact with a virtual reality app development company that can help them with this desire.

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