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With Zimbra Email Hosting US Companies Experience Optimized Business Productivity

We have to admit that the internet now is a disruptive technology displacing a whole range of processes and devices, and the most notable among them is the mode of communication.

With email, there is no any need now to send communications in a time consuming manner via hard copies. The web has gifted us with an interface that instantly communicates messages and letters with attachments. It has transformed the way we interconnect and share ideas, largely disrupting the postal industry.

Today businesses are increasingly relying on email as the primary source of communication within as well as outside the company.

But why email hosting when we can do with free accounts available with Google or Yahoo?


Email hosting vendors provide premium quality service to protect your critical business communication with the assurance that your mails will always be available or can be retrieved with ease.

Among the various internet message handling services, Zimbra is foremost in popularity.

With Zimbra email hosting, US vendors are offering the following features.

  • Compatibility with Outlook
  • Compatibility with Smartphones like Android, Blackberry and IPhone
  • Technical support via email or phone
  • Greater than 99% guarantee for reliability
  • Regular monthly performance reports

Zimbra, a strong brand name in email and hosting has established itself by improving the performance of businesses. It is a cost effective open platform enabling applications and data from any modern device.

No wonder VMware Zimbra with more than 60 million mailboxes and nearly 150, 000 customers worldwide are one of the fastest growing email hosting providers in the world.

Organizations have found Zimbra email business services particularly appealing because of the following features:

  • Availability of document repository
  • Global address book
  • E-mail for their domain
  • Easy administrative control panel with anti-spam and antivirus features

The rush for a business email hosting solution is not without reasons.

Companies need a powerful tool to establish brand identity and credibility. Nowadays in this fast paced work environment, entrepreneurs are transmitting thousands of mails to perform their critical business functions.

With Zimbra email hosting, US businesses are experiencing the following benefits.

Communications are more business like

Zimbra allows companies to use a professional email account with their unique domain name that helps in promoting their brand value.

Builds trust

Since a professional email account is always linked with a domain name, clients are more likely to find the company more trustworthy.

Cost effective

With Zimbra Email hosting, US companies have a very cost effective platform to harness the best email services. With instant activation, companies have at hand a user friendly and a high performance solution

Excellent security

Well monitored security with security patches maintained effectively by providers’ experts.


Unlike a free mail account, with Zimbra Email hosting, US entrepreneurs are able to customize their mail box size according to their needs. Clients also benefit from features like shared contacts, calendar and task, and even recovery of deleted mails.

By going for professional email solutions like Zimbra Email hosting, US companies are getting the much needed credibility.

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