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How to Recognize Online Scam

With the changing of time, the way of doing scam has also got changed. Now, the thing which is creating tension is Online Scam.

We all know that imagining life without having internet is totally difficult. Whether we are at our workplace, mall, holiday or home, we always love to stay in touch with our colleagues, friends and family members.

Apart from it, online shopping and banking has also made our lives very easy. But what about Online Scam.

It has become essential to have knowledge about what is all about online scam, sorts of online scam, how to recognise, avoid and much more. This is blog is jam-packed with essential information. Take a look.

What is Online Scam

Online Scam can be in any form like lottery scam, email spoofing, request, phishing or scam baiting which is done by a dishonest individual group, individuals or company. They know all sorts of tricks to take the people in confidence. There are lots of scams going on online like the offerup scams where scammers are active on that mobile app to trick the users and steal their money.

How many Types of Online Scam

Internet is being used on a large scale. Some are engaged to do online shopping, checking email, reading, playing game and so on. And that’s why it has become easy to lure the people. Most of the time, scammers try to attract by sending email, pop ups, online ads etc. Here, the types of online scam are being cited. Take a look

Work-at-Home Scams:- There are many people who wish to start something on their own without going office and they easily get targeted by Work-at-home scams. Scammers like Bharat Online Work ask you to deposit some money as registration or security fee.

Lotteries and Sweepstakes Scams:- you may get suspicious mail like you have won the lottery and you have to send personal information including name, address, mobile number etc., in order to claim it.

Fake Check Scams:- It’s one of the popular online scams. In which you get a fake check by mail or asked to submit particular information.

Phishing Scams:- It’s one of the very popular online scam who hurt many people. You find a mail like you received from your bank and asked to submit

Apart from it, there is a wide array of Online scams like

  • Debt Relief Scams
  • Pay-in-Advance Credit Offers
  • Investment Schemes Imposter Scams
  • Mystery Shopper Scams
  • Bogus Apartment Rentals
  • Online Shopping Scam:
  • Miracle Cures
  • The “Nigerian” Email Scam
  • Online Dating Scams
  • Money Transfer Scams
  • Tech Support Scams

How to Recognize Online Scam

Here, we are going to disclose what kind of things are common and can help you to detect easily that you can be targeted of online scam. Let’s check out.

Check out the sender:- Never forget to check out the sender of the mail. If you find that received mail is sent by the unknown. Though there is a number of unknown mails come into your Inbox but suspicious mail seems awakeward by its subject and sender name.

Money has always been mentioned:- Online scam revolves around money since it can easily attract anyone to go through the mail. And that most of mails and ADS always have been based on money like you have won the lottery, cash etc.

Asked For your Information:- This kind of mail may ask you to submit your details like name, address, contact number, Account Number etc., this kind of information can be used to do other crime. So, be aware and avoid to share your information.

To Submit Registration Fee:- There are many people who want to start something on their own with a little investment. And that’s why people easily get trapped when they got fraud mail like Work from Home. They ask you to submit a little amount as a security or registration fee to start. But when you start working, you find they are not sending you amount as they committed.

Low Price Sale:- Apart from mail, online shopping is another way to steal money from your pocket. Since people are pretty much crazy about online shopping as it helps to save your time. There are many online shopping stores which are totally fraud. In order to fetch the customers, they prepare website as same as real like these kind of websites hold contact number, customer care, address, testimonials etc. This kind of online shopping stores attracts the customers by showcasing Low Price Sale etc.

How you can avoid

  • First of all, keep in mind that if the mail seems suspicious and trying to lure you then don’t reply. If you are thinking to reply that means you are indicating the opposite side that mail is active and they can use other ways to tempt you.
  • Use filter in order to stop this kind of mail.
  • There is a BIG NO for this kind of mail. Do not open them since they affect your computer.

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