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Sexting vs. Video Calls: The Prime Differences

There are so many ways to find a virtual sexual connection on the Internet—the only problem is choosing the one that will be the most fun for you. Some people are drawn to the allure of the written word, while others want the experience of interactive porn in the form of a video call. One thing they both have in common? They’re fun for just about everyone. Just make sure that you are choosing only reliable sites like Chatspin for this purpose.

If you’re deciding between sexting and video calls, below are some of the differences you’ll want to keep in mind.

How Does Your Experience Turn-on

People experience turn-on’s in various ways, and some work better than others. Though the stereotype is often repeated that men are more visual than women, it’s simply not true. Recent science suggests that women and men are equally turned on visually. It can be empowering to stop assuming that you’re solely turned on by video sex if you’re a man or that you should be most aroused by sexting or erotica if you’re a woman. Branch out and find what works best for you. If reading something sexy is what gets you going, then sexting might be the most enticing option for you. If seeing someone undress sounds better, chances are you’ll prefer adult video call rooms, there are dozens of chat rooms like Latina cam girl to choose from. On the other hand, it’s good to get out of your routine and not become reliant on one path to orgasm. Even if you typically enjoy video calls, that certainly doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy sexting just as much. So, if you usually use sexting or video calls as your go-to for getting off, it’s an excellent idea to switch it up and choose something you don’t normally do. It’s good for your brain, but it’s also good for your sex life. Needing a specific stimulus to reach climax limits your sexual pleasure, so consider getting out of your rut.


Sexting can be less effort than video calls, depending on your lifestyle. If you’re someone whose home is immaculate and you showered every day during the pandemic, video calls and sexting might take the same amount of effort. But for those who would need to tidy up first and perhaps do some grooming, sexting is often easier.

Conversely, some people agonize over exactly what to say during a sexting encounter. Maybe grammar isn’t their thing, or perhaps they are speaking in a language that they didn’t grow up learning. Also, sexting is relatively permanent. It’s easy to re-read what someone said whenever you want. It’s a bit harder to sneakily record a sexy video call and then find the privacy to re-watch it. There’s extra pressure to perform in a certain way if you know this person can re-read and judge your thirsty sext’s later. If communicating through writing sends your anxiety through the roof, video calls may be a lower-stress option for you.

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Creativity is a lot easier to embody when you’re sexting. You can role-play, or you can become someone else entirely during a sext. No one is there to judge whether your measurements are exactly what you say they are, so you can be creative without having any regard for reality.

On video calls, there is some room for creativity. You can dress up for role-play or pretend BDSM with a chastity cage from or pretend you’re meeting somewhere exotic. But you can’t completely leave yourself behind the way you can during a sexting conversation. However, it’s important to be creative during both. The more creative you are, the more memorable the experience will be.


There’s no question: sexting is a bit more private than video calls. If you’re sexting with a stranger, they never have to know if you match your description exactly or not. Plus, if you get a sext from your partner while at work, it’s much less attention-grabbing than a nude or live video that pops up on your phone when you’re sharing your screen during a business meeting.


Having a sexy video call without the other person seeing your face can be difficult. And yes, even if you know the person you’re video-calling well, not including your face is always the safest way to go. Sure, you could wear a mask. But it’s a bit difficult to speak (or moan!) loud enough, and it certainly makes it harder to communicate. If you sext, it is much easier to stay anonymous.

A Place for Safe, Wild Sexting and Video Calls

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