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How the pandemic impacted the escort industry

The economic crisis has affected not only many business representatives but also those who “serve” these businesses…

Grace – this is how the girl introduced herself – began to be an escort in the spring of 2020. She refused to give her real name, previous place of work and hometown because she was afraid that friends and relatives would find out about her new activity. Before the pandemic, Grace worked as an office manager, but in March the company laid off employees and refused to pay salaries. Grace was left without money.

The price for Grace’s services was set by the manager himself – $ 2,500 for a date. Of this amount, Grace receives about $ 1,500, the rest remains with the manager. The girl has a natural light hair color, there is not a single gram of silicone and botox, a slender figure – naturalness is now in great demand and, according to the manager of the escort agency Hadley Smith, non-tuned girls are more expensive. Grace admits that it was scary to go for the first order – after all, it is not known what kind of client had chosen her. But the girl convinced herself: a rich man is an interesting man, he will teach something, tell something. “Not even in terms of sex, but just interesting to talk to. It is unlikely that a person who can afford an expensive girl will be stupid,” says Grace.

Now she meets with wealthy men once a week for money. Spends time with them: goes to restaurants, karaoke, travels to other cities on work issues of clients as a “pleasant companion”, has sex. Each date is a new customer. According to Grace, new faces are appreciated in the escort industry. Therefore, the girls now have not so many regular customers. Men prefer variety, and for London escorts, every date is a lottery: you can meet a young and well-groomed top manager, or you can meet an elderly entrepreneur with strange fetishes and a tendency to perversion.

How the pandemic affected escort girls

According to the manager of the escort agency Hadley Smith, during the pandemic, the number of offers on the market has grown dramatically. Every day Hadley is written by girls who have been left without work due to quarantine in different regions. Over the past two months, the number of people wishing to earn money with the help of escort services has increased. However, there are not enough clients for all. Demand dropped dramatically.

“There are now about 100 girls for one man,” says the manager. – Now, thanks to gadgets, we can not arrange castings and not collect dozens of girls in one place. A girl can send a photo, video, snapshots, video message, where she talks about herself, we send it directly to the client. And he chooses.

Before a date, each girl must provide a certificate confirming that she is not sick with coronavirus. This is required by both the agencies and the clients themselves. “Buyers” do not show any help. Not about covid, not about any venereal and other diseases. The main thing is the client’s affordability.

Due to the crisis, the cost of the girl’s services was not reduced. There are clients ready to pay. New customers have appeared, who, according to Grace, got rich on the sale of masks, sanitizers and courier delivery of goods during the period of self-isolation. Hadley Smith notes that there is a fee in his agency – $ 500, which a man must pay to start working with Hadley and choose a companion for himself.

How much and to where?

Before the pandemic, traveling abroad was the main source of income for girls and agencies. Wealthy clients invited escorts to travel. According to Hadley, in seven days the customer paid the manager ten thousand pounds, and the girl received more than half of this amount. In addition, the client paid for the travel and accommodation of his “order”.

Now that borders are closed, escort services are usually provided only to business travelers. A man books Birmingham escorts or any other city escorts to brighten up the evening in the company of a girl and get a guaranteed completion of the date. For dinner and overnight, the client pays £2500. About half of this amount will go to the escort.

Everyone got a dream

Grace does not yet know how long she will be engaged as an escort and whether she will continue to take money for sex when the borders open and will it be possible to travel with clients for larger amounts. But the girl dreams of creating her own clothing brand and developing her business.

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