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The Different Types of Sugar Daddy Relationships

You may not imagine it, but there isn’t just one kind of sugar daddy relationship. It keeps morphing with more and more types emerging. Experts maintain that apart from classic sugar baby dating, there is compensated companionship, compensated dating, sugar friendships, mentorship, travel companionship, sugar friendships with benefits, and a few more kinds.

Generally, these relationships are based on intimacy, companionships, or attention in exchange for material goods, assistance, or career advancement. Many people think these relationships emerged in the modern era, but that’s not true. In the 18th century, geishas were paid to entertain men, and this form of entertainment was socially respected. Usually, this entertainment didn’t involve sex. In WWI and WWII, soldiers would pay women to have dinner and dance with them.

What Studies Revealed

Researchers investigated the types of activities sugar babies took part in, the specifics of their relationships with sugar daddies, and whether sex was involved. In a study recently published in the journal Sociological Perspectives, only 60% of the women interviewed had sex with the men and shared they had authentic and genuine connections. Of course, this is subjective. Researchers did establish that most sugar relationships were not based on an ‘exchange’ of services. They were surprised at how much variety and nuance emerged in these relationships.

Sugar Friendships

These relationships are mutually beneficial ones, in which the two people see each other as friends. Usually, the man is part of the woman’s life. However, sugar daddies tend to look for uncomplicated relationships, possibly due to demanding work, busy schedules, or drama of some nature at home. Having a female friend who’ll listen to them is very helpful and comforting. Some sugar babies say they can’t offer more than companionship and friendship.

Sugar Dating

The classic and most common form is sugar dating, where the relationship also includes sex. Of course, a friendship can always evolve into dating. This arrangement is best discussed in advance so both parties know where they stand. This helps avoid disappointment where it turns out the parties’ expectations differ or one or both of them have not been completely honest about their intentions.

Compensated Companionship

This includes several different things, and people’s lives are usually intertwined. Compensated companionship and dating don’t have to involve anything of a sexual nature.

These relationships can include mentorship, a relationship between a more knowledgeable and experienced man and a less experienced woman. The man is an expert in one or more areas, usually finance, and the arrangement is aimed at helping the woman learn and develop. Men who are attracted to ambitious and motivated younger women favor such relationships. Sugar daddies who have expertise, connections, knowledge, and experience make good mentors, and the women who have the patience to listen to them and take their advice – good mentees.

Online Relationship

In this relationship, people never meet in real life. It is one of the safest kinds of relationships. Sugar daddies who are married or new to sugaring prefer this option. They’re just looking for entertainment in their free time.

Friends with Benefits

There are sugar relationships that involve friendship with benefits. These tend to be dynamic, fluid, and less structured. Sometimes the man will cover some or all of the woman’s expenses, including bills, rent, cars, clothing, and vacations.

Travel Partner

Some benefactors need to go on business trips often because of what they do and easily get tired of traveling alone. They will invite the sugar baby along. Young women who love traveling will like this option. In fact, those who’ve always wanted to visit different places may find it a dream come true. The arrangement is suitable for busy businessmen and sugar babies with lots of free time who like meeting new people, exploring new cultures, and experiencing the world in general.

Final Thoughts

Researchers conclude that when we ‘lump’ sugar relationships together, it deviantizes them. Frequently, they are organic and involve authentic and genuine connections. A lot of the women interviewed in this study said they didn’t plan on getting into a sugar relationship. Some of them met their benefactors coincidentally, at work or during a gig, and developed affection for them. Such relationships can go on for many, many years, even decades. Of course, mutual trust and attraction are necessary for this to happen.

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