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Tips to design a logo which will last for centuries!

Logos are often underrated, under-considered and undervalued. Even though they are just small images which you see on your morning cereal or on your favorite drink, they carry an integrated message with them. They are a powerful way to communicate your message to the audience and to brand your company. And as the notion says “with great power comes great responsibility”, – designing and creating a logo comes with great responsibility as well, as it is a visual representation of the entire company. Logos are in fact personas, they reflect the company, they represent the company, and they are in reality the face of the company. And since an average human being in this century is bombarded with tons of information every day, your logo has to be communicate its message quickly as well.

This is indeed a complex situation, and for this brand usually hire professionals to do their work, but for those who are not that lucky to hire a professional, they have to rely on their skills or they have to hire a freelancer to their job. But hiring a freelancer or even if you are doing it on your own can be a tricky job, and it can be a challenge itself, as it may look okay to you, but in reality it would jeopardize your entire brand. Now let’s just come to the gist of this article- “killer tips to design a logo”

Steps to design An Effective Logo.

Though some of you may not consider them as “killer” tips and they might look ordinary to you, but you would be surprised to see how most of the logos do not follow them at all.

To begin things, when you are designing a logo, you need to invest as much time as you need to collect everything about the company. You don’t need to rush into things at all. Take your time. Research as much as it is possible before you start the actual designing.  You need to think about your company, its mission, its value, its product or service, but, most importantly “the audience”.

People often make a good logo, but when it is launched it doesn’t look that appealing to the audience. Why? Because of a cognitive gap. You need to be in the shoes of your customer when you are designing a logo, so that your expectations and your customers’ expectations are on the same level and there is no gap between it. And when you are in his shoes think about the message you want to receive and the value you should be expecting. It make look easy, but trust me, it’s the hardest part.

After you have completed your research, all you have to do is design something unique and catchy, that it grabs the attention of your consumer. This would help in brand recall, which would result in sales. Another thing which people often ignore is the color of the logo. You need to choose your color wisely and it should be in accordance to your product etc. For example, Shell has a yellow logo, and so does its outlets which makes it easily identifiable. I repeat. You need to choose the color wisely. Because this will make you differentiate yourself from your competitors out there. You need to capitalize on your JND (just noticeable difference). And the color of your logo is definitely going to differentiate you from nothing to something.  But before you design you need to think about these following aspects as well.

  1. Simplicity: Is the design simple enough to be easily understandable by your target audience? Does it need additional explanations or not?
  2. Memorability: Is it easily recallable? Does it represent your company?
  3. Time: This logo looks good today. Fine. But will this logo look good in 10 years? How about 25 years from now?
  4. Versatility:  Is the design scalable? Would it be easily identifiable on smaller items such as stationaries, letterheads etc.?
  5. Relationship: Does this logo represent your target audience? Can your brand own it? Does your audience associate to it?

If you have successfully answered to all of these questions. Then you are on the right track to design a logo that will have an image which will last for centuries. And remember there is no final draft, you need to revise your logo again and again until you have achieved what you want.


Author Bio:

Mary Jane is a designer and creates custom logo designs for Logo Design Pros. She has been in the designing field for over a decade, where she has been nominated for various prizes as well. She loves socializing and spends most of her time writing and educating people. You can follow her work at Pinterest as well.

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