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Published on November 16th, 2019 | by Sunit Nandi


How technology is shaping the casino industry

Technology has changed the way we live our lives. The technological trends that have emerged over the last couple of decades have changed many industries, including casinos. The old-fashioned method of heading to a brick-and-mortar casino and pulling the lever on a rickety old Slot machine is no longer the only way to enjoy the casino experience.

Let’s take a look at a few ways in which technology has affected the casino industry, and how it will continue to do so in the future.


Online casinos

The most obvious technological advancement in the casino industry has been the emergence of online casinos. The advent of the internet helped to create online casinos, and they have become more and more popular ever since.

The advantage of an online casino is that it attracts people who enjoy the thrill of gaming but are tentative about going to a brick-and-mortar casino. The online casino allows you to play your favourite games from the comfort of your own home.

Online casinos have been in existence since the early days of the internet, as they are easy to set up and require minimal information to be exchanged between the server and the player. Online casino gaming is as popular now as ever and shows no signs of slowing down.


One of the most influential aspects of technology in our daily lives is, without doubt, the invention of smartphones. In the last 10-12 years, smartphones have changed the way we live and also the way we enjoy casinos. All the best games are available on-the-go, making the fun of the casino a portable experience.

This provides the opportunity to enjoy your favourite games in many different situations, whether you’re waiting for a train, your taxi’s stuck in traffic, or you fancy a bit of casino fun with your favourite TV show on in the background.

The advancement of smartphone technology means we all carry a casino around in our pockets, and this has provided gamers with a new and exciting way of playing their favourite games.

Virtual and augmented reality

A more recent technological trend is virtual and augmented reality. Virtual reality is where users wear a headset to take part in a simulated experience, whereas augmented reality allows computer-generated simulations to be placed within a real-world environment.

One example of virtual reality in casinos is the Eldorado Resort in Reno, who experimented with their Worlds of Eldorado experience. This allowed players to enjoy a ‘futuristic fantasy world where there are beautiful waterfalls, scenic forests and personal pet dragons flying amongst the clouds’. Different worlds and rewards could be earned by playing on Slot machines in the casino, giving a unique and fun twist to the authentic casino experience.

Augmented reality has been slower to take a hold on the casino industry, as the technology is still being perfected. Potential usage could include playing online Poker on your computer or smartphone with your opponents beamed onto the screen in front of you, no matter where they are in the world.

Wearable tech

Wearable technology such as the Apple Watch has also brought distinct new possibilities to the gaming sector. Many casinos have already produced apps to bring their gaming experiences to life via wearable tech such as the Apple Watch.

With these devices becoming more and more popular, it might not be long before we see our favourite casino games available to play with a tap of your watch.


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