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Improve Website SEO with 10Web WordPress Plugin

The success of your WordPress depends on implementation of effective search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns. Most WP websites are managed by the business or individual. A general lack of SEO expertise means that your site lags behind the competition in search rankings. 10Web is the perfect platform to optimize all your site elements and run effective optimization campaigns.

Find out how this program can help your WordPress site rank higher and drive more targeted traffic.

How Does 10Web Help your Site’s SEO?

10Web offers you an easy-to-use platform where you can implement proven SEO strategies for improving your WP site’s online presence. Generate more targeted traffic and boost your conversion rates. It offers access to dozens of plugins/add-ons that include SEO plugins/add-ons.

Main Features of 10Web SEO

The program provides you with a simple dashboard from where you can adjust SEO elements of your site, install SEO plugins/add-ons, and run your SEO campaigns. The types of elements that can be adjusted include meta data of each webpage, run content analysis, enable/disable page indexation, and much more. It also generates reports providing data like search results, clicks, and errors. All this data can be used to improve your WP site’s optimization and search rankings.

The main features of the program are as following:

  • Search Console Page: 10Web provides you details of SEO errors on your WordPress site from within a simple search console interface. Use this interface to carry out functions like adjusting meta description, fixing XML sitemap errors, and adding missing keywords.
  • Custom Meta Data Control: Another advantage of using this platform is that it allows you to set custom meta title, description, and keywords for each WP page and post. This is a crucial step in SEO and you can set your custom meta data without even having any expertise in SEO. This interface also lets you to adjust your site’s Open Graph, Twitter, and other optimization settings.
  • Canonicalization URLs: This WordPress optimization and management platform further helps you eliminate duplicate content issues. Even the most well designed sites are highly likely to have duplicate content issues. 10Web allows you to add canonical URLs to pages and posts to take care of such issues. Implement redirects to prevent 404 errors and don’t let a significant percentage of your traffic to go away.
  • SEO Service: The program also provides you tools to keep track of all your keywords. Get detailed information on changes in positions of your search queries on a day-to-day basis.
  • Analytics: The success of SEO campaigns depends on how effectively you can track their performance and make adjustments. 10Web provides you with the right tools to analyze SEO elements. It also provides technical analysis services.

    Get detailed search information that covers clicks, queries, impressions, webpage search positions, and CTR. Get country-specific group results to further enhance your target market reach. The SEO solution also scans your WordPress site and finds technical issues. You can receive automatic SEO improvement suggestions to further boost your site’s search rankings and performance.
  • XML Sitemap Support: Generate your site’s XML sitemap on an automatic or manual basis. The sitemap is important to SEO. You can hide any posts, post types, pages, and other elements to ensure that the sitemap is SEO friendly.
  • Open Graph Settings: The 10Web dashboard allows you to get a preview of all your WP pages and posts on how they appear in search results. Open Graph settings can be configured for social sites like Twitter and Facebook.

The platform also allows you to assign access to others and control what they can do. Let them manage your site’s SEO elements and campaigns. You can allow them to control with regard to making changes to keywords and meta data.


Managing your site’s SEO can be a daunting task if you already don’t have any experience. 10Web is a proven platform that can address your site’s SEO requirements on both manual and automatic basis. It offers access to over 60 plugins for free, allows you to optimize your pages’ SEO data elements and conducts analysis and generates reports. It is worth mentioning that this is not just a search engine optimization and management service. It also offers a complete suite of other tools that let you create your WP site and manage all its aspects.

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