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Content Marketing Strategies You Can’t Ignore In 2020

There was a time when billboards and print adverts were the most reliable ways of advertising businesses. Technology has revolutionized marketing strategies. You can reach global even without being physically present in your office.

Among all other aspects of marketing, content marketing rakes the highest conversion rates. It can increase the conversions about 6 times more than any other marketing method. Businesses are finding content marketing campaigns crucial to their success.

If you are a business owner, it is the right time to invest your energies in developing a practically applicable content marketing strategy.

The key to developing an effective strategy is to go with the flow. Learn about the popular trends for the year 2020 and use the information to craft one for your business. If you are not sure what techniques are working these days, we have collected the top 10 content marketing strategies you cannot ignore in 2020. Give it a read.

1. Conversational Marketing

In recent months, conversational marketing has been the talk of the town. The rise in its popularity is due to its efficiency. It is becoming a part of sales strategies across various sectors already. It is all about real-time conversations that take the customer through the journey. Weeks long email threads are compressed to a few minute chats.

Conversational marketing can be integrated into your content by using chatbots. It is a simple tool that can deliver a large return on investment with little to no effort. Make sure these fancy search bars are fun to interact with.

2. Publishing Interactive Content

The popularity of conversational marketing drives us to look into its other implementations. Customers like to ask questions and get specific answers. The purpose behind asking numerous questions is to get a chance to know the business better. They like to interact with the business. If you are creating content that is one-way communication and does all the talking, you need to change the strategy.

Make your content as interactive as possible. Engage your existing customers to build trust. One of the ways to interact customers is to answer their queries. Your social media handles are the interactive networks that can be used to publish your content.

3. Use of Social Networks for E-Commerce

Social media is not just about sharing and having conversations. It is a powerful tool to present your products or services to the customers. Social networks have millions of users and all you need to do is to present your business to the right people.

Modern technologies and features of social networks allow you to target customers at the right place and time. This is achieved by targeting the audience by their geographical locations and demographics. Be considerate of people’s time and you will be successful in creating content that works.

4. Rise of Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence

During these unusual times, shopping has evolved at a faster pace than anyone ever imagined. Customers cannot go to the actual stores and try on things. A huge majority is relying on their smart devices to visit and shop.

Augmented reality and virtual reality can be very effective in making this experience as realistic as possible. Augmented reality tools are allowing the customers to “try on” things. It helps them in decision making.

The things have changed to the extend that one can design the whole house through visual images to get a better picture of what he is thinking of. Isn’t that amazing?

5. Educational Content Instead Of “Promotions”

Your content marketing strategy must be crafted along with the customer’s needs. Either it is about the questions they are asking or not, you should be considerate of their journey. Help them with educational content. Incorporate the questions they are going to ask shortly.

Imagine a user manual with chunks of information organized into sections. Your aim should be to design a user manual for your customers. Keep in mind that education does not have to be boring. Sprinkle some entertainment, reliability, authenticity with education.

6. Building Authentic Online Communities

Marketing campaigns can fall flat without authentic online communities. They are powerful is engaging more people but, in most cases, these are only limited to a group of people using a certain service or product.

Invest your efforts in building a community that is interested in all aspects of your business. An exemplary community is a self-driven by its love for something. If your business is providing that “something” you are well on your way to success.

7. Eye-Catching Designs and Visual Data

Human brains are much more perceptive of the visual data than written text. An effective marketing strategy makes use of this basic information. The year 2020 is all about creating eye-catching logos, designs, and visual data. Though keep in mind that as you create more content, you will want to make sure that your team is all on the same page and maintains brand consistency by using a digital asset library tool like Lingo.

One good use of visual data is to create interesting infographics of your previously published content to market it. Interactive infographics are rising in popularity. Learn about the recent trends, dig deep into consumer psychology to make unique and refreshing visual data. Harness the power of colors to drive more people to your storefront.

8. Eradication of Vanity Metrics

There was a time when social success was only measured by vanity metrics. Although the number of likes and followers is yet important, it is not the only metric for success. Businesses are no longer obsessing over these metrics but focusing on creating purposeful content. Engaging and interactive content helps boosts your SEO. A business should consider all possibilities but focus on the ones that actually work for them.

For instance, listing your business on the most relevant and reliable business directories such as Citylocal 101 makes much more sense than publishing on unrelated directories. It does not do to obsess over numbers.

9. Growth of Influencer Marketing

This year is a lot about building brand relationships and influencer marketing. Search engines as well as customers believe in the brands that are trusted by communities. Think of unique and genuine ways to collaborate with other brands to facilitate your customers. Micro-influencers are trusted by customers more than celebrities.

10. Rise of Podcasting

Podcasting has become a new trend to promote your blogs, posts, site, website and what not. Talk about the things you love; create an interesting podcast and you are all set on the roads of success.

There are currently 700,000 active podcasts worldwide! The numbers are mind-boggling but quite convincing to add podcasting to your content marketing strategy. Podcasts are predicted to grow popular among audiences and it is the right time to begin one for your business.

No matter you are new into business or you have been in it for years, change is always good. Stay connected with the trends in content market. As content will remain always the king. Step up your game with strong marketing strategy.

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