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Using SaaS Content Marketing Strategies to Scale your SaaS Company

Scaling a SaaS company can certainly be a challenge. This is due to both the prevalence of the SaaS business model as well as the increasing prevalence of software, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, SaaS companies need to employ tactics to stand out and gain the trust of their users. To do this, SaaS companies should invest in online marketing strategies that can move the needle for them. The good thing about online marketing for SaaS companies is that they do not need to promote specific products. Unlike an ecommerce store, an investment in a SaaS offering by a user is not just a one-time purchase – it’s a sign-up for a recurring subscription to access for that software.

However, the marketing of a SaaS companies needs to reflect this level of buy-in. Instead of just promoting a software, a good SaaS content marketing strategy positions the software as something that solves a fundamental problem that many users may be having. In fact, these potential users may not even realize that a software can solve their issues. To combat this, a good SaaS content marketing strategy will use content to show not only how the software works but why a software solution can actually help to solve the problem in the first place.

The good thing about this is that SaaS companies are often not in direct competition with one another. For example, unless you are trying to promote a SaaS companies that has a suite of visual software, it is unlikely that you are in competition with Adobe, who is one of the major players in the SaaS space. Instead, SaaS content marketing efforts can be geared toward particular buyer personas. That being said, a SaaS company does need to put a lot of effort into creating its content. It needs to be both helpful and informative, and actually targeted toward particular buyer personas and what you think they are looking for.

The easiest way to do this is by employing an SEO strategy alongside your content marketing strategy. A SaaS SEO strategy can help you better hone your content marketing efforts by narrowing it down to specific keywords. You can then create an editorial calendar based on these keywords and actually shift your content production toward this. This will help you discover questions that your potential users may have, and problems that they are looking to solve. Again, they may not realize that a software can help them solve their problems, and it is up to you as a SaaS company to bridge that gap in perception.

SaaS companies can use this editorial calendar creation process to identify longtail keywords and informational queries that you can then create content around. This type of targeted niche content tends to convert because of how highly targeted the searchers are toward it. However, keep in mind that you will need to have great written and visual content in order to rank highly for these longtail and niche keywords. Doing so will open up a lot of doors for your SaaS business though, who will then be able to build their trust and brand authority both on search engines and beyond.

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