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How It Feels To Have Over One Million Twitter Followers

Each and every field of this hierarchy based world has a legend of its own for instance Michael Jackson was a legendary singer, Rafael Nadal is a legendary tennis player and Sylvester Stallone is a legendary actor. Albeit, these legends belong to utterly different fields yet all of them have one thing in common i.e. a very large following. A vast audience is essential to effective marketing promotion to receive positive results instantly. That’s why you should remember to do everything possible to gain as many Twitter followers as needed.

We must be grateful to the social media that gives us access to all the details of our favorite personalities. All of the celebrities, legends or famous people are very active on social media. Twitter is one of the most widely used platform for social media. It has over one billion users[*]. We can easily gauge the famousness of any person by contemplating his number of Twitter followers. Don’t ever think of getting fake Twitter followers instead get Organic Twitter Followers.

Each and every person can become a celebrity, a legend or a famous personality and you are no exception. You can also have a large number of Twitter followers one day. Increditools has this awesome guide to using a growth service to grow your Twitter following.  You must be wondering at this point that how will it make you feel to have over one million Twitter followers? Therefore, in this article we will touch upon some perks of a very large Twitter following and how will a large Twitter following makes you feel.

A Feeling Of Being More Credible

Your credibility is directly proportional to the number of your Twitter followers. A person with over one million Twitter followers has certainly more credibility than the person with only a hundred followers. Twitter, in fact, has become a gauge by which people check your credibility.

The very first thing they check is the number of your Twitter followers. If you have over one million Twitter followers then your credibility is palpably visible before the people. They do not give a second thought about your credibility. A very big number of Twitter followers are the benchmark of your credibility.

More Confident

If you are a part of a small group then you are not able to polish your skills. Much of your potential remains latent. Nevertheless, when you are a part of a large group then you grow intellectually and you actualize your latent potential. You deal with more and different people. The more you deal with people, the more your confidence grows.

Twitter is one of the widely used platforms of social media. Therefore, a billion people remain connected to each other on it. They interact with each other. Hence, having more than one million Twitter followers means you have to deal with a very large audience. In doing so, you are likely to feel much more confident than ever before. It gives you the opportunity to ameliorate your skills and consequently, you are able to build more confidence.

More Understanding of Your Niche

If you have over one million Twitter followers then it means you have reached a colossal targeted audience. Feedback of your Twitter followers is of supreme significance. The more feedback you will receive germane to your niche the more understanding you will develop regarding your niche. You are most likely to come across important articles regarding your niche. You get more experience regards to your niche as there are many people who will ask you questions and give their feedback about your niche.

A Feeling Of Being A Celebrity

Just contemplate the ecstasy of being a celebrity. A feeling of being a celebrity is one of the most wondrous feelings a person can experience. Over one million Twitter followers means you are a celebrity within the sphere of your niche. Hence, you earn a plethora of fans.

Fan following is one of the most precious thing to experience. These are fans that are always willing to make you more successful. They will do anything to promote and buy your product. In other words, being a celebrity with regards to your niche is tantamount to having a big number of returning customers. Hence, a large Twitter following symbolizes how great your accomplishments are.

A Feeling Of Being More Connected

Twitter is a world of its own. It has a billion users who are active throughout the year. People of sundry professions can easily be found on Twitter. They can be business tycoons, media reporters, columnists, etc. Therefore, a Twitter following of over one million people means you are connected to so many people of different professions.

In this manner, you are able to build relations with multiple influential personalities. Being connected to numerous influential personalities empowers you. You have a feeling of being more connected and more empowered.

A Feeling Of Being Empowered

When you have a gigantic level of Twitter following then definitely you are most likely to connect and interact with numerous influential personalities. Apart from this, when there is a speaking event to be arranged then the speaker with the most credibility is selected i.e. a speaker who can attract a very large audience. Hence, you are likely to get the chance of speaking at such events. At such events, you are likely to interact with potential people and this results in giving you more opportunities to avail. More opportunities mean more empowerment. Therefore, receiving more opportunities and having access to influential personalities gives you a feeling of more empowered. Click here


Albeit, it is a very famous aphorism that quality matters, not quantity but even then quantity with quality can earn you the great number of achievements which is not possible with only quality. Therefore, both are of supreme significance. This is the reason your Twitter following matters a lot.

If you have a small Twitter following then you have almost negligible influence in your sphere. You have no access to potential customers. You have no access to influential personalities. You do not have a feeling of being empowered.

Nevertheless, a twitter following over one million gives you all of these things. It enables you to connect with numerous influential personalities. It gives you several opportunities to grow your business. You can make progress by leaps and bounds. It strengthens you. Therefore, there is no reason for you to not consider increasing your Twitter following.

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