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6 Tips to leverage AI for skyrocketing revenue

Are you drowning in an array of raw customer data from your CRM, ERP, market research, and other sources? Then, with the help of AI, you can easily transform it into analytic data that will help you create forecast models and drive sales!

Business Intelligence gains a huge advantage with Artificial Intelligence — that’s a fact. Now we will share with you some proven tips on how you can use AI to increase your revenue.

Improve your sales engagement strategies using advanced tools

Monitoring the interactions between the company and customers is much easier and more efficient if you use the right modern tools. There are lots of them to choose from: SalesLoft, Outreach, Truly, XANT Playbooks, Gong, RingDNA, and many others.

Let’s take, for example, RingDNA, the leading choice for Salesforce customers, software for sales engagement, sales playbook execution, performance insight, conversation intelligence, and much more. It’s a good modern tool, but if your company has really long-term profit prospects (as well as optimizing all the business processes that lead to this), then your org needs a more “global” all-in-one solution, such as, for example, Revenue Grid.

Revenue Grid is an AI-powered and rule-based Salesforce-native guided selling platform that drives efficiency at all stages of the sales cycle so your reps can close more deals faster. The platform offers the following features:

  • AI Data Capture, Fully Customizable Sidebar, Three-way Revenue Grid, CRM, Outlook/Gmail, and Calendar Integration;
  • Revenue Intelligence: Proactive Suggestions, Rule-based Alerts, and Personalized To-do lists;
  • Analytics: Activities Visualization and Opportunity Heatmaps.

Also, Revenue Grid provides a seamless user experience with the ability to set the right conditions for notifications, sequence settings, and seeing all daily to-dos, notifications, and recommendations in a single interface.

In fact, if you are using one of the tools mentioned at the beginning of this part — for example, Ringdna, then Revenue Grid will be the ideal Ringdna alternative since it offers everything that Ringdna does — and even more:

  • personalized sales coaching;
  • unique account-based selling;
  • actionable deal guidance.

Besides, the Revenue Grid is devoid of many of the shortcomings of the other above-mentioned tools, such as lack of system’s rationalization, faulty data export functionality, limited reporting function, or non-transparent pricing policy. Today, Revenue Grid is one of the best sales engagement solutions for enterprises.

Spend your time finding qualified leads

You collect potential leads from many different channels, from LinkedIn to Google. But only when you integrate AI into the process, you’ll get the most accurate data.

Thus, you can no longer worry that your email won’t get to the recipient, or the potential customer’s phone number will be invalid. What does this mean? It means more qualified leads and more sales!

Leverage predictive analytics to improve pitches

AI helps you create profiles of potential prospects based on their behavior and habits. Then, using this data, the system simply predicts the possible needs and desires of these people.

Knowing what customers want before meeting them is a huge benefit: you can adjust your strategies to influence them, optimize email campaigns, and adapt your presentations. That will allow you to convert leads into customers much easier.

Find replenishment and upselling opportunities

If you want your business to keep growing, you need to find the right balance between generating new sales and retaining existing customers. AI can help you do just that by offering simple answers to tough questions such as “When is this particular customer going to make his next purchase?”, “How are the customers using your product today?”.

For example, machine learning helps Amazon expand beyond replenishment and discern buying patterns as well as foresee the desires of customers in advance. Uber uses AI and heat maps to analyze patterns and make it easier for drivers to get to the right place at the right time.

Just imagine having software that will always remind you when your customers need your product or help you to offer them other, even better products that will definitely suit them!

Take Your Productivity to New Heights

How many times have you dreamed of being able to work 24/7 to sell more? With the implementation of AI, you no longer need to do this: you can work fewer hours a day, but sell more!

Artificial intelligence software works around the clock to analyze data and provide you with fresh information and highly qualified leads for you to follow. You can simply guide your sales reps’ actions and make final decisions without working longer than you need to.

Get a Reliable Assistant to Do Your Busy Work

Your own digital assistant is a win-win option for increasing your employee productivity!

We bet that your reps do not like the data entry routine, and you hate retraining all your employees and paying associated costs when changing or updating your CRM system.

Voice-controlled digital sales assistants allow your reps to record information from any device at any time. Better yet, they’re smart enough to ask the right questions and lead your reps through the information that they need, too.

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