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7 Amazing Gadgets That Will Boost Your New Year’s Party Sky High

Parties are a lot of fun, but they’re also a lot of work. If you intend to host a big bash on New Year’s Eve, you deserve to enjoy yourself just as much as your guests will. Using the right gadgets can reduce the amount of responsibilities you’ll have. By letting technology take over, you’re allowed to sit back and enjoy yourself. Automate the hard work and have a few drinks with your inner circle.

  1. Robotic Bartender

A robotic bartender is useful for two reasons – nobody has to spend all night making drinks, and there’s little to no mess to contend with. The automated bartender is a recent invention, and you’ll be glad it exists These machines come in a wide variety of styles. Some of them can handle as many as 28 different ingredients, and some others even allow people to send drink orders in via Smartphone app. Stock the machine beforehand, and check in on it throughout the night to top off the ingredients as they begin to run low.

  1. Bluetooth Sound System

A party isn’t complete without a Bluetooth sound system. If you have the perfect playlist, you’ll want everyone to be able to hear it. Bluetooth speakers are a little more portable. The music can go wherever you go, and you can’t beat that kind of convenience. If the party moves from the inside to the outside, the music can easily go with it. As long as your phone is synched, your playlist can carry you wherever the night takes you.

  1. Smart Lightbulbs

Party lights are fun, but you don’t get many occasions to use them. They’re somewhat impractical, and they need to be stored away when they’re not in use. That’s exactly what makes smart lightbulbs a great investment. These lightbulbs allow users to control the color of their lighting with a smartphone app. Set some mood lighting by matching your party’s color scheme with a few taps. Even after the party is over, you’ll still be able to use them. They’re an excellent smart home device and they’ll live up to their value year round.

  1. Amazon Echo

Echo can allow your guests to control the music of the evening. By linking your Echo device to your music streaming provider of choice, your guests can speak directly to the device and request certain songs. With a premade playlist, you never know when people will want to dance. Moods change frequently, and there’s no way to predict that ahead of time. By giving your guests a little more freedom in the music department, the soundtrack can shift with the vibe of the room.

  1. High Tech Bottle Openers

If you’re having more than 4 people over, chances are that you’ve got a lot of wine to open. When everyone wants to toast at midnight, someone has to pop the corks on all of those champagne bottles. Manual corkscrews aren’t always easy – it can become quite a lot of labor to get several bottles open. By using an electronic bottle opener, you’re significantly reducing your workload. You can get back to the party sooner.

  1. Drone with a Camera

This probably isn’t something you’ve considered for a party, but it’s a one-time investment that can make all of your gatherings a little more memorable. It’s easy to take photographs with a drone, and you’ll be able to get shots of everyone together. Fly your drone over your outdoor New Year’s party to capture shots of everyone enjoying themselves. No one will feel excluded in the scrapbook.

  1. Electronic Fireworks Igniter

Putting together a fireworks display can be difficult. If you want to light up the sky at the stroke of midnight, you won’t be able to stand back and enjoy the glowing colors. With an electronic fireworks ignition system, you’ll be able to take a few steps back and admire it all. No more searching for a lighter or trying to step back to the safety zone before things go pop.

You might not be able to afford staff to help you with your event, but you don’t need to. A few high tech gadgets can become beasts of burden that don’t require a paycheck. You’ll be able to re-use most of these things in the future. They’re great investments that will carry you through years of parties to come.


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