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Top Tips To Keep Your Maintainer In The Best Condition Possible

Proper servicing and regular maintenance are the keys to perfect boiler performance. A number of factors need to be kept just right to ensure the boiler doesn’t break down when you need it most. While booking for annual servicing and maintenance with a Gas Safe registered or OFTEC engineer is recommended, you too need to be proactive to prevent most boiler-related issues and errors. 

While the engineer will do his/her part to keep the boiler in the best condition possible, doing a few checks yourself, and taking note of even the slightest changes, can help keep your hot water system in the best condition possible. This reduces the risk of boiler malfunction and unnecessary emergency calls. For Glasgow new boiler contact us. Outlined below are some of the steps to take to keep your boiler running efficiently and reduce boiler-related emergencies.

1. For pressurized boiler systems, check and ensure the pressure is at the recommended readings as per its manuals.

2. Run the central heater every month for at least 15 minutes in summer. This will help prevent blockage in the pumps.

3. Check to see if the central heating timer is working correctly.

4. Check for signs of boiler damage and leaks and call the experts if any. Click here for references.

5. Make sure the boiler condensate pipe isn’t exposed to weather elements in winter.

6. Lookout for black sooty marks (signs of incomplete combustion) in the boiler. Contact a certified engineer if any.

7. Bleed the central heating system radiators regularly.

8. Ensure the boiler is in a well-ventilated environment. Clear any clutter that might have accumulated around it over time. This is particularly important if the boiler is in an enclosed space.

9. Inspect all external air bricks, flues and vents and ensure they aren’t blocked in any way.

10. Make sure the pilot light has a strong blue flame (if you can see it). Contact your engineer immediately if it seems yellow or smoky. 

11. Use a descaler, or flush the boiler with clean water at least twice annually.

12.  Keep oil levels at the recommended level at all times (for oil boilers). Dangerously low oil levels could damage the entire system. 

13. Have a copy of the boiler manual within reach.  You can also download a copy of the same from the manufacturer’s website, or ask them to send you one.

14. Have a Carbon Monoxide detector installed in every room, and test it at least once a month. This is your first line of defense in case of incomplete combustion. It is also designed to keep your family safe.

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