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Published on November 29th, 2018 | by Júlio Ventura


7 Things To Do Before You Buy Refurbished Devices

You want to buy a gadget, but you are short of budget. What would you do? Just visit and buy refurbished device there. They have a complete collection of devices from many top brands. So, you will get the device that you want from that store.

However, you need to remember here. You will buy a refurbished device. That means the device has been refurbished. So, this isn’t a new device. Therefore, doing some research first, so you know what you should do before buying the refurbished device is a good idea. For that reason, we have tips that you definitely need.

Refurbished and Used

Some people mistakenly refurbished as a used device. That’s completely wrong. Used device is the device that resold by its previous user. And, you get it like what it was before. Refurbished is a used device that has been re-tooled and fixed, so it can work as a new device. Some refurbishing process even replaces the component with the new component.

Moreover, only certified refurbisher can do the refurbishing process. Therefore, the quality of the result is much better than the used product. This is also the reason, why we see it as the best solution for you who don’t have too much budget for the new device.

Choose the Right Vendor

Just like when you buy a new gadget, you also need to choose the right vendor for a refurbished device. In fact, you need to set the standard of your choice, higher than when you buy a new gadget. It’s important because some of the shady vendors sell stolen gadget, which can give you more problem in the future. Read the testimonial, review, and see how they operate their business, to find the vendor you can trust.

The Warranty

The refurbished device comes with a warranty. Sometimes you also can find return policies from the vendor. Make sure you read them carefully. Do not miss any point that can lead you to lose more money.

Same Vendor

It would be better if you buy a refurbished device from the same vendor. That way you don’t need to worry when you dealing with the documentation, warranties, their promo, discount and many more. If you buy many refurbished devices from a different vendor, it could be really confusing. Each vendor has different policies. And, learn all those policies can waste too much time and money.

Look at The Device Condition

Look at the device rating system. Usually, if you buy the refurbished device from an online store, they have a rating system that will tell you the real condition of that device. Make sure you choose the product that has a high rating. That means the device is still in good condition and performance.

But, you can’t only use the rating system from the store to see the device condition. You also need to read the customer testimonial or the third party review about that store service. This is where you can find the objective information that becomes your precious references before buy refurbished device.

Check the Product You Receive

Now, once you find the trusted vendor and good-quality refurbished product, you can buy it. Then, after you receive it, the first thing you must do is checking what you receive. Make sure you get all the products that you buy. It’s also including the accessories that come with the product. This is an important thing to do, especially for you who buy an electronic device, like a Smartphone.

Keep Your Document In the Safest Places

Next, you need to save your document you receive after you buy the refurbished product. Scan them all and keep it in your storage device. Or, you also can use your Cloud Storage to keep them, which is much safer than using your physical storage device. These documents will be useful, whenever you need to use it in the future. For example, if you want to claim warranty, the document will help you a lot.


Basically, those are a few things you need to do before you buy a refurbished device. Just remember, the refurbished device isn’t a new device. Therefore, its lifespan and performance are much lower than a new device.  So, use it, only as the solution, if you really need the device while you have short of cash.

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